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Types of Donor Data Your Nonprofit Needs

09/21/2020 For nonprofits, having good data is an important step to raising money and retaining donors. The virtual events are bringing in new donors, involving current donors, and raising money. That is all new data.

Ways to Build Stronger Relationships with Major Donors

09/16/2020 Building solid donor retention, moving donors up the giving pyramid, and finding and keeping new donors are all based on what kind of relationships you establish and nourish with your donors.

3 Crucial Fundraising Strategies that Work Now for Nonprofits During Covid-19

04/22/2020 In the past few weeks, we've shown you how to raise more funds by using social media, a Case for support, virtual fundraising events and matching gift campaigns.

Virtual Fundraising Event Success Stories

04/09/2020 Do virtual fundraisers work? Will anyone donate to my nonprofit during this crisis? If you've been tossing in your bed all week long, trying to find answers to these questions, then you shouldn't worry anymore. Because we've got the answers:

How To Solve Common Matching Giving Challenges

03/31/2020 65% of Fortune 500 Companies offer corporate matching gift programs and about 10% of the US workforce are eligible for corporate matching gifts. Yet $4-7 billion in potential corporate matching gift revenue goes unclaimed annually and the average fundraising institution receives just 1.31% of individual contributions in corporate matching gifts.

When the Coronavirus Threatens Your Fundraising Events

03/23/2020 You've probably spent months planning; sending out invites, meeting with ecstatic board members and inspiring your exhausted team. You felt hopeful. But you didn't plan for a pandemic. Nobody did.

Why Your Nonprofit ​​​​​​​Needs A Case For Support

03/12/2020 Need a quick tip to help your nonprofit raise more funds? Start by writing a strong Case for Support in your marketing and fundraising campaigns.

5 Nonprofit Social Media Trends Taking Over In 2020

03/03/2020 Do you stay awake at night wondering how to keep up with ever-changing social media rules? Then you're not alone. According to a Forbes article by Natalie Norcross, the struggle to keep up with trends is one of the biggest challenges for marketers today.

Let's Talk Numbers: Why End of Year Is So Important

10/23/2019 You know the old saying: “Numbers don’t lie.” Well, when it comes to End-of-Year giving, the numbers tell us a lot about the people who give in the final weeks of the year, how much they give, and what attracts them to a nonprofit and keeps them there. And it’s all true.

End of Year Essentials: The Ultimate Guide to End-Of-Year Fundraising

10/08/2019 We’ve covered a lot over the past few months, from storytelling to Peer-to-Peer success and beyond. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a roundup of the highlights all in one place. Without further ado, here’s your guide to End-Of-Year (EOY) fundraising. 

Prepping For End-of-Year: There’s No Time Like the Present

10/01/2019 In the nonprofit world, end-of-year giving is one of the most reliable sources of funding. Between GivingTuesday and December 31st—also known as the last chance for donors to make tax-deductible gifts in a given tax year—31% of giving happens in the last few weeks of the year and 12% in the last three days. To take full advantage of this important giving season, it’s vital to plan ahead.

Don't Let the End of Year Be The End of You: Tips for Handling the Stress of End of Year

09/17/2019 In the nonprofit world, it’s easy to work yourself into exhaustion or even poor health. But that’s not good for you, your organization, or the people you serve. Self-care is vital to maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and the time you take to care for you will almost certainly pay off in increased productivity, efficiency, and ability to cope with stressful situations and come out ahead of the game instead of struggling to catch up. With that in mind, we’ve provided a few suggestions for successful self-care.

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