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Nonprofit Case Studies

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  • "Arreva was fundamental to the success of our first-ever virtual event."

    Kathy Merkle-Raymond
    Development Manager at Kara

  • "I expect that we'll be with Arreva for a long time."

    Pat Burke
    Director of Finance and Administration

  • "Arreva has consistently proved to be our one stop for software and client service.”

    Torri Smith
    Executive Director

  • "Without Arreva what we do would be impossible."

    Soraya Rivera-Moya
    Executive Director

  • "Everyone I worked with on the Arreva team played an essential role to delivering a terrific site."

    Lisa Hodes
    VP & Fundraising Chair at The Children's Fund for GSD Research

  • "We created the teams, through ExceedFurther, and it was really easy to get it done – both setup and along the way making edits."

    Terri Burchell
    Executive Director at North Platte Public Schools Foundation


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