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Donor Management Data Migration

  • Arreva provides dependable and convenient data migration for thousands of nonprofits worldwide since 1986. We have successfully moved data from a myriad of systems and spreadsheets, such as FileMaker to DonorPerfect to highly complex systems like RaisersEdge. We have the experience and expertise to make your data migration as accurate and painless as possible.

Change Can Be Good

Data conversions can be stressful. You may have years of critical information in your data that needs to be transferred to ExceedFurther. Our team of data experts reviews your data before we begin and then can make recommendations to determine the best outputs you require.


In order to import your constituent data and their corresponding history with the highest quality possible, we provide a detailed outline for every step along the way, from making sure we understand where each field should go, to cleaning up old inconsistencies, and running quality assurance checks.

Check Data Quality

Starting off with clean and reliable data is essential to each of our clients – we don’t take your data for granted!


After the conversion is complete, we load it to our datacheck testing site where you can review everything to be sure it all looks good. You can look up important donors and run reports. You can compare with your old system line by line. And if you find anything amiss, just let us know and we’ll fix it.


Once you and we are satisfied, we’ll load it to the Arreva site, and you’ll be off and running.

Request A Donor Management Data Migration Quote

We are available to analyze your existing database and provide a free quote for converting your data. To receive a free quote, please complete the quote request form below,  and we will be in touch with you to guide you through the quote process. We will ask you to send a copy of your data so we can take a close look. While we try to be as efficient as possible in doing migration, we feel it is more important to be accurate so that your data is available and in excellent condition as soon as you “go live.” By looking at the data, we can both be prepared for the amount of effort it will take and what to expect from the process.

File Exchange

Clients can transfer files to and from Arreva via the Internet. 



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