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Streamline Your Nonprofit

We've leveraged decades of experience in the nonprofit sector to create ExceedFurther as an All-in-One, Cloud-based Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution -- so you can spend less time on tasks and more time making a difference.

For over 30 years, Arreva has been the trusted advisor and industry-leading software provider to the nonprofit world.  What began with our desktop donor relationship management software MacTrac and our innovative online fundraising software, has evolved over the past 33 years to our All-in-One, Cloud-based, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution. 

Fundraising Software to Further Your Cause

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Arreva’s, ExceedFurther® All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management software is helping nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents.


Transform Fundraising

One of the best ways to bring in passionate new constituents is through online fundraising and charity events. Using ExceedFurther, you can host peer-to-peer fundraising microsites, manage events and volunteers, sell memberships and solicit online donations all aimed at raising money for your cause. Every part of our software can be personalized to meet your nonprofit's specific goal with less hassle and better results.

Cultivate and Engage Donors
Donor relationships, much like any other kind of relationship, are complex. Your donor management solution should be able to handle those complex relationships with ease, whether it's tracking family ties through householding, reporting gift-giving habits, or analyzing their volunteer patterns. Our cloud-based solution for all your constituents lets you create unique relationships to nurture burgeoning and existing donors.

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Continued Support plus Upgrade Options

The rich donor relationship management features of all Arreva Software are are now seamlessly integrated into our ExceedFurther solution for nonprofits – the most efficient and effective way to manage fundraising efforts and cultivate donor relationships using one tool:


  • Manage donations, donors, constituents, volunteers, events, grants, and more in one place
  • Cultivate existing donor relationships and capture new donors with actionable analytics, insights, and tools
  • Maximize giving with peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, option to cover processing fees, and more
  • Automate notifications and communications providing real-time acknowledgement and a personal experience


Rest Assured. We Will Support You.

Existing clients continue to be our priority. From Technical Support to accessing our Knowledge Base to contacting our Client Success Team, you can expect the same exceptional support and services from our team so you can focus on furthering your mission.


  • All Exceed Beyond users receive email support with their cloud-based subscription. Exceed Beyond phone support can be purchased for an additional fee.
  • Online Fundraising users receive email and phone technical support with their cloud-based subscription.

  • Exceed! Premier Annual Support Contracts are based on the value of the base product along with user licenses and modules/interfaces owned. 
  • For our Exceed! Basic clients we have several support options, including Standard and Premium Support Contracts as well as support & training packages. 
  • MatchMaker hosting services include email and phone technical support.  MatchMaker desktop clients may purchase email and phone technical support. 

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