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Fundraising Event Software

  • Understanding and managing the details are vital to the success of your fundraising events. Begin by using ExceedFurther’s powerful filtering to build your list of invitees. Then you can send the invitations, manage RSVP status, assign event participants to groups and tables, generate event registration sheets, and create event-specific reports. You save time, are more productive and get exceptional value as you track and manage your organization's fundraising events.
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Make Your Fundraising Event Stand Out

Once you have established the details of the event in ExceedFurther, you can easily create a web page to manage online registration and sponsorships. RSVPs and gifts come immediately into ExceedFurther so you have a constant up-to-date picture.

Flexibility with a Fundraising Event Software

You can track any number of events simultaneously, each with its own requirements. You can define any type of event with any type of seating or groupings and create your own fields to track details like shoe size for a golf tournament or food preference for a dinner.

Manage Multiple Aspects of Your Event

You can add your own fields to your online form so that guests can provide these details themselves. And if someone buys a table or a group of tickets, they can supply the names and contact details for their guests right online.

Copy Repeating Fundraising Events

And if you are repeating a prior event, there is no need to start from scratch. You can simply copy the details from a past event into a new one, including the list of invitees, and go from there.

Track Event Attendees

From the time you send the invitation to well after all your guests have left the event, ExceedFurther lets you follow your attendees' progress. Track RSVPs, assign tables, manage volunteers, record attendance, and show financial results. We know that managing an event is a tremendous amount of work. ExceedFurther helps you every step of the way.

Step-by-Step Guide to Raising $100,000 in Eight Days with a Virtual Event 


  • How to Pivot to a Virtual Fundraising Event
  • Elevate Fundraising Now with Online Fundraising; Make it Easy for Donors to Give in Multiple Ways
  • Expand Your Fundraising Campaign Success with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Recurring Giving, Matching Giving, and More
  • Access Valuable Resources to Help You Create Your Own Highly Successful Virtual Event

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