The Arreva Team


The Arreva team lives and breathes our mission of helping nonprofits through our purposeful technology and relentless dedication to their success, anchored by our deep roots, and driven by an intrinsic passion for cause that we wear proudly.


There is an inherent understanding permeating our organization that our nonprofit clients are the heroes we serve, with heart, instinctively and authentically.  We’re with our clients, for good. Our commitment to helping our clients further their cause and achieve their missions is inseparable from our own purpose. Each step of their journeys, we’re there, guiding, solving, and elevating. 


Our management team is filled with enthusiastic, talented leaders with broad and deep experience and success from across the philanthropic, technology, marketing, entrepreneurial, civic and business communities.

Arreva Leadership Team

  • A photo of Susan Packard, Orr Co-founder and Chairman, of Arreva.

    Susan Packard Orr

    Co-founder and Chairman

  • A photo of David Blyer, Co-founder, President, & CEO of Arreva.

    David Blyer

    Co-founder, President & CEO

  • A photo of Frank Horkey, Chief Finance Officer at Arreva.

    Frank Horkey

    Chief Finance Officer

  • A photo of Chris Fink, Chief Operating Officer at Arreva.

    Chris Fink

    Chief Operating Officer

  • A photo of Sylvia Gastelbondo, Chief Technology Officer at Arreva.

    Sylvia Gastelbondo

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Gordon Proud

    Vice President of Sales

  • A photo of Ann Troussieux, VP of National Accounts at Arreva.

    Ann Troussieux

    VP, National Accounts

  • A photo of Manny Perez, VP of Client Success at Arreva.

    Manny Perez

    VP, Support

ANCHOR. Name: boa

Arreva Board of Advisors


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