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We're a team of web-based fundraising software and nonprofit experts that share a common, simple philosophy: nonprofit software should help organizations transform fundraising, cultivate donors, build awareness, and grow their constituent database, while simultaneously reducing the amount of time spent using technology.

The Nonprofit Sectors
We Serve

Arreva’s All-in-One, Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management and Auction Solution has enabled thousands of nonprofits to raise billions of dollars over the past few years.

Whatever challenge you are trying to solve, our software can help enable you to make changing the world all you have to focus on.

Let us worry about the software so you can focus on achieving your mission.

We’re always developing and delivering

technology with a purpose, born of a genuine understanding and passion for nonprofits.

We support you in furthering your cause

that’s why we deliver an uncommon level of client support and knowledge-building services to optimize your nonprofit.

We’re with our clients, for good.

Each step of your journey we’re there guiding, problem-solving, and improving to help you further your cause and achieve your mission.

Tech with Purpose, Driven by Cause.

  • Inspired by leadership that has had an enduring influence on the industry, their character and heart are instilled in each of us – we live and breathe nonprofit, anchored by our deep roots and driven by a passion for cause that we wear proudly.


    Arreva, co-founded by philanthropist and computer scientist Susan Packard Orr and technology industry veteran, David Blyer, has a team that has served the nonprofit industry with enthusiasm for more than three decades and a roster of more than three thousand satisfied clients including numerous national nonprofit organizations.


    Our technology has a soul. We pride ourselves on developing and delivering technology with a purpose; software, born of a genuine understanding and passion for nonprofits and an intrinsic motivation to help you open the gateway to transformative possibilities as you achieve your missions. 


    We’re with our clients, for good.  We strive to be the beat at the heart of their mission. Our commitment to helping our clients further their cause and achieve their missions is inseparable from our own purpose. Each step of their journeys, we’re there, guiding, solving, and elevating.  There’s an inherent understanding permeating our organization that our nonprofit partners are the heroes we serve, with heart, instinctively and authentically. 


    We’ve combined innovation and heart to give our clients – and the philanthropic community as a whole – the license to go further and reimagine their missions with an innovative spirit.   


    We’re in it, because it’s in us. The hearts and minds that comprise our organization are relentlessly focused on empowering our clients and the industry by reinventing fundraising, transforming donor relationship management, and resetting the known boundaries for how nonprofits build awareness, raise funds, and attract, cultivate and engage donors.  


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Arreva® is a trusted advisor and market leader of digital fundraising, donor relationship management, and auction software that has been serving the nonprofit industry for more than three decades. Arreva’s, ExceedFurther® All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management software is helping nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents. Our virtual, live, and silent auction software, virtual and mobile bidding software, text-based donation software, and auctioneer services are helping nonprofits raise billions of dollars and further their cause through virtual fundraising events, charity auctions and galas.

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