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Donation Management Software

  • Gifts come to your organization from many sources: individuals sending checks, foundations making grants, corporations matching employees’ donations, people giving online, prospects making campaign pledges, guests attending events, friends responding to peer-to-peer fundraising appeals, members paying dues, sales of items on your website, recurring gifts. ExceedFurther's donation management software is ready to manage all of these and more.

Manage All Gifts In One Place

All gifts, membership dues, pledges, pledge payments, sales, event revenue, and grant payments appear in the Gifts and Pledges Module where you can easily take care of the acknowledgment process, run analytics, track pledge balances and recurring gifts, and follow up on matching gifts. All online gifts, peer-to-peer fundraising, and event registrations come directly into ExceedFurther as soon as the donor clicks on submit.
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Donation and Pledge Webpages

The backbone of your online fundraising efforts, donation and pledge form webpages let your organization accept donations and build recurring donation campaigns in the most simple, effective, and flexible way possible. ExceedFurther’s Online Administration tools provide the ability to manage all your fundraising webpages.


Create unlimited webpages for your different giving needs; donation forms and pledge forms. ExceedFurther offers peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, and an option to cover processing fees, allowing nonprofits to increase donor contributions effortlessly. You can also track all online activity flowing automatically into ExceedFurther’s Gifts and Pledges Module.

Configure Gift Entry Screens

You can design your own gift entry screen, adding or subtracting fields to collect the data that is most important to your organization. You can use the Quick Gift Entry process to speed data entry when you have many gifts with similar attributes.

Flexible Giving Donation Options

ExceedFurther anticipates every circumstance, from soft crediting a donor advised fund, to informing loved ones of tribute gifts, to tracking gift memberships. The unique Household feature allows you to give credit to the actual person within a household who made the gift.

Donation Management Software Reporting

When you are ready to analyze results or put in place next year’s fundraising plan, ExceedFurther’s rich reporting capabilities allow you to find each strength and weakness, build a stronger program, and find those donors who need special attention.

Download "The Essential Virtual Donation Page Checklist for Fundraising During the Pandemic"

This checklist provides you with a five-point guide to setting highly effective online donation pages for any giving campaign, absolutely essential, especially in this increasingly virtual fundraising landscape.


  • A template for crafting compelling content that increases donations.
  • How to create a user-friendly interface with consistent branding.
  • Ensuring a confident contribution process with website security.
  • Methods of follow-up to build stronger, lasting relationships with donors.
  • Administrative tasks required to best collect and analyze data from your donor base

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