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Hospitality House Software for Guest & Family Rooms

  • You play such an important role in creating a home away from home for those in need. The ExceedFurther Guests Module is a very robust option that will help you manage your rooms, understand your guests' needs, and provide you with the reports when you need to go to funders or demonstrate to your community the need for support.



    The Exceed Further Guests and Family Rooms modules were designed by Ronald McDonald House Chapters of varying sizes and are now used daily by hundreds of individuals at all types of Hospitality Houses in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. When you join the Arreva family, you benefit from the hundreds of similar organizations using the software.

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Online Guest Stay Request

Guests can submit a room request online. These stay requests come directly into ExceedFurther so that you can follow up and schedule a visit if appropriate.

Paperless PDF Form Webpages

Collect details and signatures from guests digitally from a secure page on your website. Submitted PDF forms are attached to the guest stay record, eliminating the need to print, store or search for hard-copy guest documents. Includes unlimited guest PDF form webpages, set up services for one guest PDF form webpage, and technical support.

Use Tracking To Improve Efficiency

ExceedFurther includes a complete graphical view of your rooms, current occupants and future availability. Track occupancy rates at multiple locations, and review request and waiting lists, no-shows and cancellations. Schedule room cleanings and know when a room is ready for a new guest.

Provide Excellent Guest Service

Keep track of guest family details, the ages of children, parking needs, and special requirements so you are ready when families arrive and ready when they return. Know the diagnosis, doctor’s name, facility, and any other information that you need to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests and to report to funders.




Set Rates

Set room rates and generate invoices or donation receipts. Assign third-party payors to invoices and track payments as they are received. Include charges for extra services and use the check-out, check-in feature to manage equipment or entertainment items that are provided for guests.

Simplify Communications

The Guests Module is an integral part of ExceedFurther for the hospitality sector of nonprofits. You can leverage the relationships between your guests and your donors and simplify communications by keeping all your constituent names in one place.

iPad App for Family Room Check-In

If you provide a day room, you can use the Family Room features to track every visitor and the services they use. It’s easy to generate statistical reports to understand and share your impact. The Family Rooms Module includes an iPad app for visitors to check themselves in and out so your staff and volunteers can focus on serving the needs of the families.

Tell Your Story

You play such an important role in creating a home away from home for those in need.  The ExceedFurther Guests Module will help you manage your rooms, understand your guests needs, and provide you with the reports when you need to go to funders or demonstrate to your community the need for support. 

All these hospitality features are integrated into ExceedFurther, an All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution.


  • Manage donations, donors, constituents, volunteers, events, grants, and more in one place
  • Cultivate existing donor relationships and capture new donors with actionable analytics, insights, and tools
  • Maximize donation size with peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, option to cover processing fees, and more
  • Automate notifications and communications providing real-time acknowledgement and a personal experience

See How ExceedFurther Adds Value to Your Organization!


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