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Donor Communications

  • Donor communication sets the stage for all interactions to come. Reach out with personalized letters, mass mailings, emails, and text messages, all without leaving the program. ExceedFurther’s powerful filtering allows you to precisely select the right group to receive each mailing. Then the mail is directed to the right person or couple, at the right address or email, all powered by your constituent’s preferences.

Fundraising Communications Perfectly Tailored to Each Individual

Record any number of addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for each constituent. Link these to exactly the right name – the household for a home address or phone number, but an individual for an email address or cell phone, for example.

Donor Communication Templates

Choose from a wide variety of fundraising communication templates, all ready for you to customize, and all including an extensive range of fields that you can incorporate right into the letter, email, or text message. Once you have set up a mailing template, you can save it for repeated use.

Optimize Communications

Create automatic email responses to donors who give online, who sign up for an event online, or who respond to a friend in a peer-to-peer campaign. You can also have an automatic email delivered to you or another staff member when an online transaction comes in. Imagine being able to pick up the phone and say thanks just as the gift is made!

Email Partners

By working with one of our mass email partners, Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Vertical Response, send newsletters, campaign updates, or any other type of email communication, while tracking response rates, bounces and opt-outs. Use ExceedFurther’s powerful filtering options to ensure that you are reaching exactly the right group with every communication.


Extensive privacy provisions allow you to comply with the new privacy laws while being careful to abide by your donors’ wishes.

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