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Team Fundraising Software

  • Engage your team captains, team members, and fundraisers to help drive the success of your fundraising campaigns.


    We’ve made it easy for teams to fundraise with Arreva because we know the power of groups united around a common goal. Our Team Fundraising software allows your organization to extend the way you attract and engage donors today with Online Donations, Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers, Pledges, and Event Registrations. Team fundraising empowers groups of people to work together to raise funds. Setup a team fundraising event, virtual and/or live, invite your supporters to register, create a team or join an existing team, and raise funds together in support of a great cause.

Track Team Results Instantly in Your Donor Database and View Your Top Teams, Top Participants and Top Donors

View funds raised instantly roll-up to meet the team’s goal and the overall goal reflected in the public leaderboards including Top Teams, Top Participants, Top Events and Top Donors. During setup, the admin user can choose which leaderboards to present. In addition, all transactions show instantly in the ExceedFurther Donor Relationship Management database, ready to be matched for extensive reporting.


Seamless and Easy Set Up of Team Fundraisers

Constituents can easily create a secure personal Team Fundraising Webpage, in support of their favorite team or as an independent participant. They register, upload an image for their page, set a goal, include a donation to kick-off their personal fundraiser, and publish. In virtually no time, they have a donation webpage link they can send to other team members as well as donors. The team sets its own goals, and the members of the team work together to meet it. They can also sign into the participant center and make modifications. Team Captains can promote and demote Team Members, adjust team goals, and lots more!

Team Fundraising Software for Your Organization, Your Cause, Your Fundraising Needs

Team fundraising software with Arreva is all about your organization, your cause, and your fundraising needs. Unlike crowd fundraising sites, your donors stay on your branded website/micro-site. Your constituents will always know they are supporting your organization, from the webpage URL all the way to the personalized notifications they will automatically receive.

Automated Notifications to Donors, Team Captains, and Fundraisers

Donors, team captains and fundraisers receive an immediate confirmation into their personal email inbox automatically. All notifications can be personalized for each Team Fundraising campaign.


  • Run unlimited fundraising events simultaneously
  • Create an unlimited number of team fundraisers for each event
  • Capture transactions directly in the Donor Relationship Management database
  • Visually track fundraisers with progress meters on each webpage
  • Share team fundraisers via Facebook or Tell-A-Friend
  • Login to your personal fundraising page to view donors and edit images, messages and fundraising goals
  • Automate notifications to those raising funds and system administrators when a donation is made

See How Team Fundraising Adds Value to Your Organization!

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