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Volunteer Management Software

  • Volunteers are an essential part of your success as a nonprofit organization.  ExceedFurther provides fully integrated volunteer management software capabilities to help you manage, understand, communicate with, and engage your volunteers.


    ExceedFurther provides volunteer application webpages, as well as scheduling, and automatic conversion of volunteer hours to in-kind gifts fully integrated with volunteer management to keep track of your volunteers’ skills and interest and match these attributes with their availability, create work schedules, and log hours worked.


    ExceedFurther’s All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management solution provides a 360° view that helps you understand your volunteers across the entirety of their relationships with your organization and elsewhere – helping you to realize optimal value from these heroes - through better communication, appreciation, and engagement.

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Online Volunteer Applications

Online applications enable volunteers to sign up for as many opportunities as possible and have each volunteer opportunities close automatically once full.

Customized Volunteer Webpages

ExceedFurther’s volunteer pages are branded to your organization’s guidelines from color palette, to visual elements and images, to fonts to make sure your organization is well represented and that your messaging and visuals are always "on brand”.

Integrated Surveys for Volunteer Applications

Integrated surveys allow you to collect additional Information from your volunteers by simply adding questions to the application forms. You can include anything from demographic requests to preferences and more.  This makes it easy for your volunteers to manage their own preferences and requests right from ExceedFurther’s online view.  They can simply sign-in and update their profile as needed.




Get the Right Volunteers in the Right Roles

Volunteer management software within ExceedFurther’s 360° view donor relationship management allows you to easily set-up online volunteer opportunities, define roles and match volunteers. You can develop volunteer job descriptions and roles, add user-defined fields, and tag your volunteers with their skills, interests, jobs, locations, and more to better pair volunteers with the roles in your organization.


Create Volunteer Schedules

Easily create and smoothly manage volunteer schedules.  ExceedFurther lets you create detailed schedules, assign volunteers, and print or view the resulting calendar to see what might be missing.

Send Email Reminders to Volunteers

Send out email reminders to volunteers regarding their times, and automatically send a thank you note after their volunteering is complete. You’re even able to reallocate volunteers by accessing your registered volunteer’s preferences and slotting them elsewhere aligned where needed.

Automatically Create In-Kind Gifts

Automatically create in-kind gifts. Volunteering is truly a donation made to your organization and should be captured and recorded with a monetary value. ExceedFurther lets you assign values for hours for each job description and automatically capture them seamlessly as in-kind gifts to your nonprofit within your single, unified ExceedFurther database so that you can tie the hours back into your volunteer’s giving history. 

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