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Send Text Donations with Text2Fund

Elevate fundraising with an easy, convenient giving option.

Text2Fund by Arreva is a powerful and versatile mobile, text-to-donate technology enabling nonprofits to rapidly deploy mobile fundraising and donation campaigns with impact. Donors will have a convenient and easy way to give anytime, anywhere by simply texting to a keyword and making a donation with their credit/debit card.
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Follow Three Simple Text-to-Donate Steps in the Campaign Example Below

  • Step 1 Text GIVE to 71760

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  • Step 2 Click the Link

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  • Step 3 Donate

Empower Your Donors to Give as They Choose

With Text2Fund every gathering or event, no matter what type or what size, is a potential fundraising event. Never miss an opportunity to let others help you, immediately, from the phone in their hand.


Text2Fund gives you the power to rapidly deploy mobile fundraising campaigns using a convenient donation process. Meet your donors where they are … on their cell phones. Text2Fund enables your supporters to select how much they want to donate and how they want to pay. This provides a simple way to submit donations of any size, billed to credit and debit cards, by texting a keyword to the five-digit short-code.


With qCheck payment processing integration, Text2Fund is a leader in the mobile fundraising industry – instead of waiting weeks and months for your funds, the donation is processed instantly, and the funds are available in days.

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Text2Fund Features & Functionality

  • Short-code: 71760
  • Unique keyword for your event/organization
  • Configurable donation form:  theme/graphics/donation levels/message
  • Get started with Text2Fund in 1 business day
  • Donor may give as much as they wish
  • Secure Payment Processing with PCI compliance
  • Receipts automatically emailed to donors
  • Automatic thank you confirmation displayed on page
  • Funds go directly into your bank account
  • Campaign tracking thermometer
  • Scrolling donors display
  • Random prize drawing 
  • Sponsorship opportunities to display a logo/graphic
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • XLS/CSV report exports
  • Phone and email technical support included

Ensure the Success of Your Text2Fund Campaigns

3 Easy Steps to Deploy Text2Fund 

  • Select a keyword code that is easy to recall.
  • Establish your qCheck payment processing account.
  • Setup your text-based donation form with the required fields and artwork you would like to use.


Most deployments can be completed in one business day. Then, you are off to make the most of your Text2Fund subscription by using it a multitude of ways.

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Request a Demo of Text2Fund

Thank you for your interest!

We're so glad you're interested in finding out more about Text2Fund, Arreva's Text Fundraising Software.


Your personalized demo will include:

  • A detailed tour of Text2Fund
  • Examples of how other organizations are using Text2Fund to build awareness and transform their fundraising.
  • Answers to any questions you have about how your organization can be successful.



Simply fill out the request form here and someone will be in touch with you to schedule a live demo.


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