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Grant Management Software for Nonprofits

  • If you are a grant-making or grant-seeking organization, you need to track and manage a myriad of detailed information throughout the grant process. ExceedFurther's grant management software for nonprofits ensures that all aspects of the process are thoroughly accounted for and on schedule. Our Grants Module empowers you to save time and be more productive, while streamlining the grant process.

Track Incoming & Outgoing Grants

Incoming or outgoing, it's critical to the financial stability of your organization that you stay on top of the process and maintain accurate records of grant designations. Easily track the progress whether you are sending proposals for grants or seeking applications for grants you offer.

Manage Your Grants

If you are a grant-seeker, ExceedFurther will help you manage your grants every step of the way from the proposal through the final payment. Set reminders for all activities, from site visits to final reports. Never forget a deadline again. Incoming grants transfer neatly into your Gifts Module so you can see all of your fundraising results in one place.

Manage The Grant Cycle

If you are a grant-maker, you can record proposals as they come in, categorize and evaluate them, attach required documents, prepare for the grant review committee, and quickly turn proposals into grants after the meeting. Communicate with grantees, schedule payments, and track reports that are due. All in one place.

Grant Management Software

If you are both a grant-seeker and a grant-maker, you can easily use the Grants Module to manage both. Just mark each proposal as incoming or outgoing, and follow your process for each. You can be reminded what reports and payments you should be receiving and which ones you should be sending.

Share Access

If you have consultants or grant writers who are helping you seek grants, you can give them limited access to your data, because it’s in the cloud. As they add information to your data, you can watch the progress of each proposal through the grant cycle.

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