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Arreva's Technical Support

  • The focus of Arreva support services is on you, with the mission of helping you maximize your productive use of Arreva Software products.  We're committed to providing you with exemplary support every step of the way. Technical issues with your software can end up costing you much more than what you paid for the actual software in a very short time. But with Arreva technical support, not only do you receive quick resolution to your support needs at a fraction of the cost of your Arreva product; you also get peace of mind.


    The Client Support Center provides authorized users with immediate and essential knowledge for installing, implementing, customizing, and using Arreva products. In addition the support center provides a searchable knowledge base (including frequently asked questions), software updates and a user forum.

  • Need assistance with one of our products?  All ExceedFurther Fundamentals and Professional users receive email support and phone support with their cloud-based subscription.


    Contact Support 
    For clients with a current ExceedFurther contract, our Support team is available weekdays from 6am-5pm (PST), excluding major holidays, to answer any questions you have about the use of our products.

    Phone: 800-750-6418
    In Canada: 650-462-8890 
    Fax: 650-614-4291
    Email: support@arreva.com

    After Hours Support
    If you are experiencing disruptions to online services or a website outage, please contact our emergency support at afterhourssupport@arreva.com or 754-220-9156.

    Review our support options below for help with your Arreva software.

  • All Exceed Beyond users receive email support with their cloud-based subscription. Exceed Beyond phone support can be purchased for an additional fee.
  • Online Fundraising users receive email and phone technical support with their cloud-based subscription.

  • Exceed! Premier Annual Support Contracts are based on the value of the base product along with user licenses and modules/interfaces owned. 
  • For our Exceed! Basic clients we have several support options, including Standard and Premium Support Contracts as well as support & training packages. 
  • MatchMaker hosting services include email and phone technical support.  MatchMaker desktop clients may purchase email and phone technical support. 

Check out our videos, webinars, ebooks and other resources to help you become an ExceedFurther genius. If you have a quick question that might be answered with the help of a simple "how to" article, browse our library of over 100 support articles.

Data Migration

Arreva has over 25 years of experience converting client databases. We realize this is one of the most critical steps in ensuring a smooth transition from one program to another and we're able to accommodate a variety of export file types when migrating your donor data into our platform.

File Exchange

Clients can transfer files to and from Arreva via the Internet. 



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