• File Exchange

    The File Exchange Area gives clients the ability to transfer files to and from Arreva via the Internet.

    Uploading to the LeapFile site


    Go to the following link: http://arreva.leapfile.com*.
    Click on "Secure Upload".
    Fill in the fields on the "Secure Upload" page (Name, Email, Confirm Email, Subject and Message).
    At the bottom of the page is a button - "Select Files to Send (Regular Upload)" - click on it.
    On the next page, click the Browse button and select the file to upload.
    Then at the bottom of this page, click Upload and Send.
    Email Arreva at conversion@arreva.com and let us know when your data has been uploaded successfully.


    *Note: Should you click on the link and nothing happens or it brings up your browser, but does not take you to the page, try copying the link into the Address field of your browser and then hitting your Enter or Return key on your keyboard.


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