Expand Your Ability to Care Further!

Arreva's innovative All-in-one, Cloud-based Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution, ExceedFurther has helped countless organizations like animal shelters expand their ability to provide services, grow their donor database for animal welfare and serve their communities. Connect with us to learn how we can help your organization eliminate administrative tasks so you can focus on protecting the well-being of animals.

Nonprofit Organizations Trust Arreva to
Transform Their Fundraising Efforts and Cultivate Donor Relationships!

  • A photo of a female veterinarian holding a brown and white calf.

    Help More Creatures

    A photo of a puppy wearing a blue service vest.

    Expand Your Donor Universe

    A photo of three elephants, two adults and one child, playing in some water.

    Serve Your Community

  • Register Participants for Runs and Walks

    Capture event registrations directly from your website. Capture participant information to customize their event experience. Event registrations seamlessly integrate into our event management tool.


    Raise Money for Campaigns Using Marketing and Engagement Tools

    Use branded online forms to accept gifts, recurring gifts, tributes, and pledges. Maximize donations with peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, employer matching, option to cover processing fee, and more. Assign donor levels for targeted email and direct mail campaigns.


    Give Gratitude with Automated Donor Acknowledgements

    With automatic acknowledgements and custom “thank you” letters it is a simple task to thank donors for their time, pledges, donations, and gifts.


    Manage Donors, Volunteers, and More

    Manage donations, donors, constituents, volunteers, events, grants, and more. Group Households and track their preferences, interests, giving history, engagement, contact information, and more.


    Cultivate Donor Relationships with Powerful Analytics

    Get a single, unified view of every interaction with every stakeholder. Our best-in-class household and organization approach gives you a 360-view of donor relationships. And comprehensive reports provide progress on campaigns, donations, registrations and more.


    Count On Our Trusted Advisors

    Arreva’s Clients Services offer best practices and hands-on product training and resources to help you get the most of your software investment and help further your cause.

Keep your Focus on Protecting and Saving the Earth's Animals

Giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, every animal welfare organization has many challenges in accomplishing its mission. Raising money and effectively communicating with donors, sponsors, and other constituents shouldn't be one of those challenges. We have leveraged decades of experience in the nonprofit sector to build ExceedFurther – your animal welfare fundraising software solution so you can spend less time on tasks and more time making a difference.

See How ExceedFurther Adds Value to Your Organization!


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