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Nonprofit Membership Management Software

  • Understanding and managing the details of your membership programs is vital to maximizing your fundraising efforts. ExceedFurther's nonprofit membership management software allows you to track membership dues, payments and levels, join and renewal dates, and member details. The Memberships Module gives you a quick look at whose renewal dates are coming up, and allows you to send reminders to everyone or a selected group. Of course it is much easier to keep a member than to find a new one, so ExceedFurther helps you stay right on top of the renewal process.

Membership Management for Nonprofits

You can define any number of membership levels, and a member can belong to more than one membership. Within a membership, you can track the names of all individuals who are covered by that membership. You can easily print membership cards, selecting from multiple templates, for each person.

Gift Memberships

Gift memberships are easy to do – just enter the dues payment on one record but assign the membership to someone else. And you can even specify who should receive the renewal notice.

Manage And Track Dues

Your renewal reminder templates are all ready for you to customize to your liking. When it comes time to send renewal notices, ExceedFurther's nonprofit membership management software automatically finds memberships that need renewing, inserts the relevant information into the renewal reminder template, and sends them according to members’ preferences – home, office, email – whatever they prefer.

Online Self-Service

Allow constituents to self-serve by offering your membership forms online. This will give your members a convenient way to submit membership applications. Constituents may use your website to request a new membership or make a payment on an exisiting or new membership. Depending on your organization's process, ExceedFurther provides flexibility in the features available for membership forms.




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