Paperless PDFs for Hospitality

  • Combine Paperless PDFs with the Guest Stay Online Request to enable a totally touchless, COVID-19 friendly, environmentally conscious, and convenient paperless workflow for processing a request for a room and registering an incoming guest.  Now is the perfect time to streamline, update, and digitize your hospitality service and operations.



    For nonprofits that provide hospitality services, requirements for information, documents, agreements, and signatures from guests continue to evolve and expand, especially during COVID-19.  This results in any number of documents related to a guest stay that need to be printed, securely stored and accessible to facility staff. Each facility maintains a workflow of outdated and challenging administrative tasks to process and secure guest information and documents.

Streamline Your Operational Process

Collect details and signatures from guests digitally from a secure page on your website. Eliminate the need to print, store or search for hard-copy guest documents. With Paperless PDFs for Hospitality, when a guest submits required documents online, a PDF is automatically generated and attached to the guest stay record in the ExceedFurther Database. Configure an automatic email notification to be sent when a guest PDF form webpage is submitted.

Unlimited, Guest PDF Form Webpages

Create an unlimited number of guest paperless PDF webpages to gather information regarding an upcoming guest stay. Use these convenient, online guest forms to process registration documents, background checks, photo releases, departure surveys, or any document associated to a guest stay. Include fields for up to 6 occupants, which includes up to 4 patients. The use of guest PDF webpages is limited only by the information/documents you require from guests for the operation of your facility. 

Offer Online Guest Registration Packets

Offer a secure, touchless, environmentally conscious process, using ExceedFurther Paperless PDFs to complete all guest registration packets online. Email incoming guests a link to their online registration packet in advance of their check-in date or have them complete the packet on an iPad/computer/smartphone when they arrive at your facility.


With Paperless PDFs for Hospitality, guests validate the data you have already collected regarding their stay at your facility. All the guest documents and signatures you require become a secure, PDF attachment to the stay record for your staff to access and reference in ExceedFurther. It improves the efficiency of your staff and the overall guest experience.


With completed packets from incoming guests, determine if any data related to the guest stay needs to be updated or corrected in the ExceedFurther Database.

Transform Your Process with Paperless PDFs

Whether or not you are already using the guest stay online request feature in ExceedFurther, you can easily add Paperless PDFs to create webpages to collect information and documents from your guests.


  1. One license of Adobe® Acrobat Pro is required to enable Paperless PDFs for the Hospitality Webpages in ExceedFurther Online Administration. Visit TechSoup for non-profit pricing. Enter your Adobe Cloud Key into ExceedFurther.
  2. Use your preferred tool to create a PDF form/packet that guests complete to provide the information and documents required by your organization.
  3. Download the merge fields catalog from ExceedFurther. Copy and paste desired field values into your paperless PDF and include fields for initials and digital signatures. You may also specify if the incoming guest may edit field values.
  4. Setup your Guest PDF Form Webpage within ExceedFurther Online Administration.

All these hospitality features are integrated into ExceedFurther, an All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution.


  • Manage donations, donors, constituents, volunteers, events, grants, and more in one place
  • Cultivate existing donor relationships and capture new donors with actionable analytics, insights, and tools
  • Maximize donation size with peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, option to cover processing fees, and more
  • Automate notifications and communications providing real-time acknowledgement and a personal experience

See How ExceedFurther Adds Value to Your Organization!


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