Households and Organizations

  • For many nonprofit organizations, the information about donors and prospects is oftentimes their most valuable asset. It’s vital to your mission that this information is accessible and secure, and that you have the tools to use the data to maximize success. Arreva has been supporting nonprofit organizations for over 30 years. As technology and fundraising methods have evolved, so have we.

The Complete Picture

Your donors are not monolithic. Each has their own preferences, interests, and capacity. Each has a family setting, friends, connections. The more you know about them, the more successful you will be. ExceedFurther is highly customizable, so you can design screens, add fields, and set preferences, all to ensure that you have the data you need at your fingertips and that you treat your donors as the individuals that they are.

Create and Manage Households

ExceedFurther has a unique household structure, allowing you to track couples and individuals, children, and other household members, each with their own preferences and interests, and each with their own giving, but all part of the same household. This same structure applies to organizations, so you can add as many contact names as you need, each with their own contact details, to a corporation, foundation, or other organization.

Understand Constituents In One View

Because ExceedFurther includes gifts, pledges, membership details, volunteer activity, event attendance, and grant history, you have a full 360 degree view of your donors. With online and peer-to-peer giving integrated right in, you can see every way that someone interacts with your organization, all in one place.

Completely Cloud-Based

ExceedFurther is 100% cloud-based. Your staff can access it from anywhere, including from smart phones and tablets. We know how many hats you wear, so we made it simple to jump from one task to another without losing your spot. So if you’re in the middle of making table assignments for your next event when a donor calls with a question about a pledge balance, you can look up the pledge and then return to your table assignments without missing a beat. Reports open in new windows, so you can have many reports open at the same time, while still being able to look at donor records.

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