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Testimonial | Humane Society of Greater Miami

Humane Society of Greater Miami
If someone asked me today if I would recommend Arreva, I would say run, don't walk. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to use and how it has made everyone's life so much simpler in the office.
Toni Diaz Director of Development
Josh Provides
We were using Blackbaud, and that was a system that was too technical for us as a small organization. The ease in which the Arreva platform works, the coordinated services, and the tech support from the success team allows me to be confident that I have the right program for us and that we'll be able to do an effective job in fundraising.
Andria Bilan Chief Executive Officer
We have been able to increase our donors, increase our donations, all because of what we've found in Arreva.
Liz Sanderson
Robin's Nest Children's Advocacy Center of Caldwell County
We raised more money this year than we've ever raised. Arreva allowed us to dream big.
Shellie Bowlin Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House Charities Hawaii
There are so many platforms out there, but the support that we've had from Arreva is key. They created an entire database for us to use to host our event in the meantime while we switched over to ExceedFurther. I can't think of many companies that would do that. Their commitment behind their product is phenomenal.
Candace Asam-Lopez Director of Development
David M. Hunt Library
Before working with Arreva, we had been running everything out of Excel documents. We had a number of different documents that held information is silos... it was really challenging to do our work well and really paint a picture of our donors and our relationship with them. Now we have a database that is complete and makes sense and really shows us the picture of who we're working with!
Meg Shur Executive Director
Lehigh Valley Humane Society
Organizations don't know what they're missing in terms of the managing different aspects of their development team and organization till they try it with Arreva.
Jackie Folsom Director of Development
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake
As I learned more about the platform, I thought what a great fit it was for the other Boys and Girls Clubs and our needs as well.
Amanda Ree Hughes CEO
Ronald McDonald House Charities® of South Florida
Thanks to Arreva we have used not only the donation platform, but also added Text2Fund which has really kept us in communication and engaged with our volunteers...We really are thankful that this platform is available.
Soraya Rivera-Moya Executive Director
The Children's Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research
I recommend Arreva to anyone in the nonprofit world.
Lisa Hodes Vice President and Fundraising Chair
Jewish Federation of Northeast Florida
The combination of ease of use and robustness in the backend is what I really enjoy about Arreva...We're fairly small in the Jewish Community World but we're doing the same things as the larger Federations and there's no reason this wouldn't work very well for an organization of any size.
Pat Burke Director of Finance and Administration
Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Siouxland
I feel like Arreva is a Ronald McDonald House company. They focus so closely on what we need, and they listen when we say this doesn't work and then find a really good solution.
Christy Batien Clark Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Norfolk VA
Specifically for Ronald McDonald houses, Arreva has really created an all-in-one product that makes your job so much easier.
Elyse Brown Executive Director
Bishop Hartley High School
We were looking for a cloud-based system at the time that our high school could afford and we also wanted unlimited users...Arreva's leadership in converting over to a cloud-based system has been a huge advantage for us.
Brenda Murdock Director of Engagement and Development
The Social Cog
ExceedFurther is a wonderful software for organizing, tracking, and keeping ahold of everything from the moment the donation comes in to the moment when the thank you card goes out. It's been amazing. I don't think we could organize our company without it.
Nick Maccarrone Clinical and Executive Director

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