ExceedFurther Packages and Fundraising Software Pricing

We believe that nonprofits of all sizes should be able to have access to ExceedFurther. That is why we’ve developed very affordable options for nonprofits at all levels. If you’re a new or very small nonprofit, you may even qualify for Arreva’s Software Donation Program. We have donated more than a million dollars worth of software to new or very small nonprofits. Learn more and find out if you qualify.

  • ExceedFurther
    All-in-One Software

    Starts at $189/month

    First 1,000 Records

    Applications & Available Products

    Event Registration & Management

    Volunteer Registration & Management

    Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

    Team Fundraising

    Grant Management

    Membership Registration & Management

    Campaign Management

    Online Guest Registration



    Unlimited Online Donation Pages

    Recurring Donations

    Online Pledge

    Online Tributes

    Donors Can Pay Processing Fee

    Email Communications

    Analytical Reports

    Custom Report Builder

    Integrations with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, DonorSearch, Double the Donation, MailChimp, Vertical Response, and Constant Contact


  • Additional Included Services

    Email Technical



    Arreva Academy, Educational Videos

    Phone Technical



    Dedicated Client Success Manager

    Chat     Support


    Support   Portal

  • Add-On Options

    Text Messaging


    View Pricing

    Hospitality Modules

    Hospitality Packages

    Team Fundraising

    Team Fundraising Packages

  • All ExceedFurther Packages Include

    ▪️ Cloud based ▪️ Easy Global Search Function ▪️ Unlimited Document Attachments
    ▪️ Unlimited Users ▪️ Multiple Work Spaces ▪️ Assign User Roles
    ▪️ Configurable Dashboards ▪️ Two-factor Authentication ▪️ Manage Activity by Users

Looking to streamline your fundraising and donor relationship management efforts?


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