The Organization


The Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida serves more than 17,000 Jewish community members throughout the Greater Jacksonville area, in addition to funding partner agencies overseas. As a member of the Jewish Federations of North America, the Federation supports the local and global Jewish community, providing both ongoing funding for their partners and planned giving and endowment services for sustained funding.

The Federation annual giving campaign tracks approximately 4,600 households, and receives about 1,400 gifts per year. Also, the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida manages over 339 donor-advised, endowment, and point of interest funds with over $24 million in asset value.


    The Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida supports the local and global Jewish community by:


    ▪️ Funds local and overseas partner agencies

    ▪️ Forges strong connections with Israel and helps Jews across the Diaspora

    ▪️ Supports fellow Jews in need

    ▪️ Inspires the next generation to embrace Jewish identity and value Jewish education

    ▪️ Provides programs and services designed to engage the local Jewish community


  • "We started using the new system and haven't looked back, I expect that we'll be with Arreva for a long time."


    Pat Burke, Director of Finance & Administration at
    the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Northeast Florida


The Challenge


When Pat Burke joined the Jewish Federation of Northeast Florida as its director of finance and administration six years ago, the organization's donor management software was more than 20 years old. Reporting was cumbersome and difficult to manage. New staff had trouble getting up to speed with the program. A new system was necessary, but it took a while to find one that would meet the organization's unique needs.

The Federation wanted a system that would help it build awareness, attract new donors, and cultivate relationships with its existing donor network. "We needed to seriously increase our efficiency and effectiveness when reaching out to and engaging with people through direct mail, email, and social media," says Burke. 


The platform would have to enable staff to contact everyone in the organization's database during its campaigns, track the status of pledges and gifts, add quick gift entries of pledges, create soft credits for pledges and pledge payments based on relationships, allow donors to choose funds, recognize donors for pledges, enable recurring giving, and integrate online pledges with payments received. Simple, flexible reporting capabilities were also crucial, and of course, the software had to be easy to learn and use for staff subject to regular turnover.

Annual Campaign Results

  • +236
    New Gifts

  • +$163k
    Funds Raised

  • +60%


The Outcome

The Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida found ExceedFurther to be to the most advanced platform to do a lot more with a lot less. In the first year, they raised 5.2% more for their annual campaign and in 2020 grew this by 60%.

The Solution

Burke was referred to Arreva by a colleague at the national office for the Jewish Federations of North America and it didn’t take long for him to know Arreva's ExceedFurther, All-in-One, Cloud-based, Fundraising, and Donor Relationship Management Solution robust, and integrated solution offered the most value. “From pledges to campaigns, to website development, online fundraising, custom webpages, and more, Arreva had it all,” said Burke. However, the main reason the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida selected ExceedFurther was because of the pledge management capabilities. “It was extremely user-friendly and was exactly what we were looking for," added Burke.

All-in-One, Integrated Database

The flexibility in ExceedFurther to view the complete giving history in one place, and organize data in many different ways. Because ExceedFurther includes gifts, pledges, membership details, volunteer activity, event attendance, and grant history, they can have a full 360-degree view of their donors.
Households and Organizations
The Federation likes that they can capture individual relationships within households and with organizations, a real distinction compared to the old platform as well as others that were evaluated. ExceedFurther has a unique household structure, allowing them to track couples and individuals, children, and other household members, each with their own preferences and interests, and each with their own giving, but all part of the same household.
Pledges and Gifts
ExceedFurther provided both the donor management and online fundraising tools, integrated together. They were able to view and manage the full lifecycle of each pledge including tracking payments, create and manage multiple pledges, process pledges and payments online, track important milestones, apply soft credits to pledge payments, recognize donations as pledges, and stay on top of required tasks and processes for each pledge.
Communication Resources
It is incredibly simple to send messages to constituents with ExceedFurther. It used to take a long time to send notifications. From pledge reminders to tax receipts, acknowledgments and thank you letters, the Federation found the communication tools in ExceedFurther to be super easy to use, resulting in increased productivity and more time they could spend focused on their mission.
Content Management
ExceedFurther is highly customizable, and you can make webpages tailored to your colors, logos, fonts, images, and visual elements to match your brand. You can also design screens, add fields, set your own preferences, and create unlimited webpages for different giving needs.
Reporting Capabilities

ExceedFurther provides access to hundreds of reports and allows you to filter across all areas of the program and save those filters. “Our heaviest users are thrilled with how they're able to extract the data,"

reports Burke. "We can see each donor's complete giving history in one place, and we can organize our data in so many different ways. The flexibility is incredible, and it takes about two seconds to load, and reports and other tasks are available in real-time," says Burke.

Client Services and Support
"When new staff comes on board, they're off and running right away," says Burke. "It's completely intuitive." He adds that Support from Arreva is exceptionally responsive in the rare cases where there are questions or need for assistance.

See How ExceedFurther Adds Value to Your Organization!


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