New Strategic Partnership Helps Nonprofits Convert Website Traffic to Donations


Fort Lauderdale, FL and Palo Alto, CA (August 31, 2018) - Cause Inspired Media, a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional, has partnered with Arreva, the globally trusted advisor and industry-leading provider of fully integrated Online Fundraising and Exceed Beyond Donor Relationship Management software platforms for nonprofits.


Cause Inspired Media has vetted and selected Arreva as the recommended partner that can provide high-quality Donor Relationship Management and Online Fundraising solutions for their nonprofit clients.


When combined with Cause Inspired Media’s array of digital marketing solutions, the solutions provided via this partnership can help both Cause Inspired Media’s and Arreva’s nonprofit clients build capacity and expand the scope of their missions.


 Arreva’s software built specifically for nonprofits, helps build awareness, engage donors, and transform fundraising Management software allowing nonprofits achieve their missions. Arreva is trusted by thousands of nonprofit organizations worldwide, including Variety-The Children’s Charity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Boys and Girls Clubs, Meals on Wheels, Jewish Federations, Saint Vincent de Paul and many more.


 Similarly, Cause Inspired Media’s Ad Grant Management services have consistently been proven to increase relevant traffic to nonprofits’ websites, which leads to more volunteers, donors, and increases social sector impact. As “Google Certified Professionals,” Cause Inspired Media excels in harnessing the power of Google Ads to increase capacity building for nonprofits. For this reason, Cause Inspired Media has anticipated their clients’ need for a reputable, reliable online fundraising and donor management system.


“Arreva has a long and successful history as the trusted advisor to nonprofits. We’re very excited about our partnership with Cause Inspired Media and the incredible value it brings to our clients in providing them with access to a proven, successful partner for their Google Ad Grant management needs.” says David Blyer, Arreva CEO and President.


Cause Inspired Media is confident that this partnership will greatly benefit the nonprofit community. For inquiries, please contact Founder & CEO of Cause Inspired Media, Joshua Lusk at or David Jost, Chief Marketing Officer at Arreva at


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