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  • Transform

    Unlock the power of virtual fundraising with easy to implement options for fundraising online using ExceedFurther, an All-in-One, Cloud-based Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution.
  • Build Awareness

    Ensure the success of your fundraising event by managing all the details and online registration using ExceedFurther, an All-in-One, Cloud-based, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution.
  • Cultivate and Engage Donors

    Spend more time building relationships and less time processing gifts, pledges and online donations using ExceedFurther, an All-in-One, Cloud-based, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution.

Educational Webinar | Recording | Arreva | Feb 2021 Free Fundraising Workshop

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As the definitive resource on using donor retention and data mining strategies to create sustainable virtual fundraising programs, this white paper: 


  • addresses the critical role that a donor retention program plays in helping nonprofit organizations meet their fundraising revenue goals 
  • provides proven strategies to increase donor retention and increase giving for your nonprofit organization, critical success elements, especially in these times
  • offers insights and guidance on how to create and maintain a sustainable virtual fundraising program by leveraging market and donor data
  • Ways to Build Stronger Relationships with Major Donors

  • 3 Crucial Fundraising Strategies that Work During Covid-19

  • Types of Donor Data Your Nonprofit Needs

Fundraising Software to Further Your Cause

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Arreva’s, ExceedFurther® All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management software is helping nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents.


  • Arreva Academy

    ExceedFurther - Online Administration:

    How to Import Your Event Registrations

    October 28, 2020 at 2 PM EDT

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    Sign up for a free demo of ExceedFurther, Arreva's All-in-One Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution!



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