The St. Paul Jewish Federation Selects Arreva’s ExceedFurther, All-in-One, Cloud-based, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Software

The St. Paul Jewish Federation has made the move to Arreva’s ExceedFurther, joining Jewish Federations enjoying the benefits of an all-in-one virtual fundraising and donor relationship management solution with fully integrated functions and virtual capabilities that specifically meet the needs of nonprofits, charities, and foundations, especially during these turbulent times.

Fort Lauderdale, FL and Palo Alto, CA (August 19, 2020) — Arreva®, the trusted advisor and industry leader of fundraising, donor relationship management, and virtual auction software, is thrilled to announce that the St. Paul Jewish Federation has chosen Arreva’s ExceedFurther® as their All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Software because of its unique ability to meet the needs of Jewish Federations.


“We never could have imagined how critical having a virtual, cloud-based, all-in-one platform with powerful virtual online fundraising, donor relationship management capabilities would soon become, given the COVID-19 Pandemic, but we are incredibly grateful that we have ExceedFurther as it is an essential success factor for us, especially in these difficult times,” said Jeffrey Prottas, CFRE, Chief Development Officer at the St. Paul Jewish Federation. Prottas adds, “We are especially pleased with the flexibility of the cloud-based solution, allowing our team to access the entire platform and data anywhere. We are also grateful. in this changed environment. to have robust virtual applications for online donations, online pledges, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more to help us continue to raise funds and serve our community.”


Born from three decades of genuine understanding and passion for nonprofit organizations, Arreva’s ExceedFurther uniquely delivers a truly evolutionary, holistic approach to fundraising and donor relationship management that helps nonprofits easily streamline their operations to more easily build awareness, transform fundraising, and cultivate and engage donors while they further their missions. Guided through experience and partnership with the Jewish Federations, ExceedFurther specifically meets the needs of the Federations as a one-stop unified solution for online giving with payment processing, donor relationship management, pledge management, recurring giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, event management, campaign management, grant management, memberships, reporting and analytics, and powerful third-party partner integrations including QuickBooks, DonorSearch, Double the Donation, Constant Contact, Wealth Engine and more.


“As many growing Jewish Federations are seeking ways to truly transform and elevate their fundraising and donor relationship efforts. I’m very grateful and honored to count the St. Paul Jewish Federation among the Federations who have chosen to make the move to ExceedFurther,” said David Blyer, Arreva CEO. “We’re enjoying great success in delivering on the specific needs and requirements of the Jewish Federations through our all-in-one, cloud-based fundraising and donor relationship management software and are extremely pleased that our robust virtual event and online fundraising capabilities are helping Jewish Federations further their cause, especially given the changed fundraising landscape given these turbulent times. We’ve had a great history of partnering with Federations which we value immensely. It is rewarding to see that the functionality and capabilities in ExceedFurther align so well with the needs of the St. Paul Jewish Federation and other Federations.”


Learn more about Arreva at or schedule a personal consultation and demo of Arreva’s ExceedFurther, the All-in-One, Cloud-based Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Software at


About Arreva
Arreva® is a trusted advisor and market leader of fundraising, donor relationship management, and auction software that has been serving the nonprofit industry for more than three decades. Arreva’s, ExceedFurther® All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management software is helping nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents. Our MaestroAuction Online TM and MaestroAuctionTM virtual, live, and silent auction software, Text2Bid® virtual and mobile bidding software, and Text2Fund® text-based donation software are helping nonprofits raise billions of dollars and further their cause through thousands of virtual fundraising events, charity auctions and galas.


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