Sylvia Gastelbondo

  • Meet Sylvia Gastelbondo


    Throughout her 25-year career as an IT professional, Sylvia has specialized in the development and delivery of cost-sensitive solutions for mission-critical environments. She has held executive management positions with firms in a number of industry sectors, including insurance, financial services and information technology.


    Sylvia also plays an active role in community life as a donor, volunteer and advocate.

  • Susan Packard Orr

    Co-founder and Chairman

  • David Blyer

    Co-founder, President & CEO

  • Frank Horkey

    Chief Finance Officer

  • Gregg Davis

    Chief Technology Officer

    Donor Relationship Management

  • Chris Fink

    VP of Customer Support & Implementation

  • Sylvia Gastelbondo

    Chief Technology Officer

    Online Fundraising

  • David Jost

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Walter Puls

    Vice President Sales

  • Ann Troussieux

    VP, National Accounts


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