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Between Arreva's Online Fundraising tool and our comprehensive Donor Relationship Management software, you can automate the paperwork and get back to changing the world.

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Build Your Donor Base

One of the best ways to bring in passionate new constituents is through Online Fundraising and Events. Using our platform, you can create customized email marketing campaigns, host peer-to-peer fundraising microsites, manage events and volunteers, and solicit online donations all aimed at raising money for your cause. Every part of our software can be personalized to meet your nonprofit's specific goal with less hassle and better results.

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“Arreva has streamlined our fundraising infrastructure. Our events now bring in fundraising dollars months after they're over.”

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Cultivate Donor Relationships

Donor relationships, much like any other kind of relationship, are complex. There's no standard donor template, so you shouldn't settle for a Donor Relationship Management platform that forces you to fit your donors into one box. Arreva's Exceed Beyond platform gives you a variety of ways to interact with your constituents, from their gift-giving habits to their volunteer patterns. The cloud-based platform lets you create unique relationships to nurture burgeoning and existing donors.

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“We enter the gifts into the system, and Exceed Beyond automatically generates the thank you letters. I can generate gift transaction reports, donor retention reports, and reports that show how we are doing this year versus last year in any of the different categories we are tracking. I really like how it’s set up"

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