Reporting Backup


Store every detail about your donors and constituents

  • Customize Views

    Add custom fields, filter records, select and organize columns, and save different views easily.


    Easy Reporting

    No more complex query building. Most common reports are available without any custom input from you, so you can access the information you need in an instant.


    Integrated With Marketing

    Arreva CRM is completely integrated with our email marketing solution to generate your campaigns without ever exporting data. 

Hundreds of Reports, Hundreds of Filters, Thousands of Options

  • Stop playing a guessing game when it comes to the success of your nonprofit. Use Exceed Beyond's comprehensive set of reporting tools to get a 360 view of your organization. We've built a massive library of quick report templates based on feedback from nonprofits across the globe.

What Makes Arreva Different?


    Stop wasting time building standard reports month over month. Exceed Beyond offers users a wide variety of pre-defined reports that will automatically generate with a few clicks of your mouse.

    If you need to drill down on the data a little bit more than normal, simply use the filters built in to all of the reporting features to focus your report on a more specific demographic, donor level, or activity.

    On screen—within a donor's record and the Gift Manager—you have up-to-date information on giving, whether you want to know who the latest donors are or how many donations you had in a given week.

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