Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

With targeted campaign pages for capital or annual campaigns, recurring donation campaigns, and fundraisers for peer-to-peer or board of director fundraisers, these pages allow you to reach out to your community in a variety of ways.

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What Makes Arreva Different?


From board giving to team-style events to capital and annual campaigns, you can use fundraisers for virtually any purpose.


Share through email or post the direct link to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network for maximum engagement.


New donors automatically populate into your database, and notifications are sent out to your staff, the donor, and the constituent.

Fundraising Versatility That Fits Your Needs

Achieve 100% Board Giving with an active, involved board sharing their pages with their friends, family, and business contacts.

Join a team and fundraise during your 5k, bowling tournament, or any other type of peer-to-peer style event.

Need some targeted giving pages? Raise money allocated directly to your campaign with a fundraiser devoted to building your new HQ.

Automatically Integrated Into Your Database

Every new donor is automatically captured, so you can easily follow up and cultivate that relationship.

Donor already in your system? Fundraisers are a great way to update their giving history, build relationships in the database, and collect even more relevant contact information.

Acknowledge your best fundraisers through automatically created soft-credits under the donor's name.


This is how organizations further their impact. Arreva helps empower Variety with the story of a board member in the wake of tragedy.

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Social Sharing

Encourage fundraisers to spread the word by posting directly to Facebook, or sharing through a direct link on the fundraiser's homepage. They can also easily email their contacts through Tell-A-Friend.

Targeted Campaigns

Create beautiful, branded campaign donation pages to promote, and raise money for, your capital or annual campaign, or special event.


Simplify the process for your donors: pre-populate personal fundraising pages with a title, pictures, text, and dollar amounts, so they can start raising money without a hassle.

New Donors

Each new donor brought in by a fundraising page is captured automatically, so you can cultivate each new person as you build your donor base for the future.

Constituent Fundraisers

Make sure board members, volunteers, and sponsors can help beyond their donations by reaching out to their own connections to help reach your goal.

Soft Credits

Automatically record soft credits for your fundraisers in the system, so you can identify and connect with your best promoters.