The Nonprofit Organization

KMOC (89.5 KMOC www,, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission of broadcasting the message of Christ through music and programs. KMOC is completely donor- funded, and locally funded. The station strives to support the local Church in Texoma as well as all Christ-centered ministries and organizations across the area. KMOC is committed to letting listeners in Texoma know what’s going on when it comes to community events, whether concerts, revivals, outreach, or other happenings.

The Challenge

KMOC, had not been doing online fundraising, aside from a simple “donate” button on their website that went directly to their credit card merchant service, giving visitors the opportunity to donate with their credit card. According to Liz Sanderson, Marketing and Development Director, “It was not ideal, we only received the most basic contact and transaction data from the credit card processor and had to then enter the transactions and info manually into our desktop software database. The time and effort involved in doing so was a challenge, especially with a small staff with many other responsibilities.”


KMOC also raised funds, every August since 2010, around their KMOC Cycling Team’s participation in the locally held major national cycling event called the Hotter’n Hell Hundred ride. “We formed a team of cyclists and raised funds on air and through the team members by providing them with a notebook and a donation envelope to return to us. We then manually entered all the information into an Excel spreadsheet to track how much each cyclist had raised. We would then manually enter the donation data into our database. This was a time- consuming process and did not provide us with real-time insight into the overall or individual results.”


KMOC had been dealing with these challenges for some time and knew from Arreva about the many ways that other nonprofit clients had solved similar challenges with Arreva’s ExceedFurther, All-in-One, Digitial Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management, and Auction software.

According to Liz, “We’d had such a great experience working with Arreva over the years and were thrilled with the support and guidance they provided. As it became clearer that we’d run our course with the desktop software we were using and needed to modernize our approach to fundraising, we naturally turned to Arreva about moving to their flagship ExceedFurther all-in- one solution. While I must admit that we had cold feet about making a move to a new software and fundraising online felt like a big leap for us, we’d reached the point where we could not keep doing what we were doing and decided to make the move to ExceedFurther. Arreva was a true partner that had guided us well for years and we felt so comfortable with their team and the big advantages offered by their fully integrated, all-in-one solution, that the decision was a clear one for us.

The Solution

KMOC made the move to ExceedFurther, Arreva’s All-in-One, Digital Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management, and Auction Software in late 2021. Even though, as Liz shared, she still had some fears about taking the big step of moving from a desktop to an online and cloud-based solution, their data migration and onboarding process was remarkably smooth. “It was just scary for me, but with Lloyd, Manny, and everyone we worked with at Arreva were just so real, kind, and helpful. They were always there to genuinely help throughout the process and made asking any question very comfortable.”


As KMOC went live with ExceedFurther, they realized immediate benefits through the all-in-one solution, that solved the many challenges they’d been facing previously. “We love that ExceedFurther is fully integrated. Donations made via our website and through online donation pages are processed through a fully integrated payment processing system automatically flowing the data and relevant information into the donor relationship management system. Everything is so easy and automatic. I especially love that we can provide the option for donors to cover the credit card fees. We use this checkbox option on our donation pages and find that donors are happy to do so, with almost 95% choosing to cover the fees. This feature alone has provided a significant return on our investment by increasing our fundraising yield!”


With ExceedFurther, KMOC was also able to completely transform their KMOC Cycling Team fundraiser into a highly successful peer-to-peer fundraiser that empowered cycling team members to raise money through their personal and professional networks by creating their own personal online fundraising pages that were fully integrated with ExceedFurther, seamlessly bringing all transactions and donor data into a single unified database.


According to Liz, the difference was huge, “2022 was the first year we’d used ExceedFurther, and the Peer-to-Peer fundraising module and it was fantastic! Our team members were able to create their own online pages and easily share them via email and text, as well as on social media which significantly extended our reach. We were also able to automatically share an overall leaderboard online showing our fundraiser results, as well as the results of each team, spurring friendly competition. All of which combined has increased our engagement and fundraising results greatly.

The Outcome

“We love that ExceedFurther is fully integrated... everything is so easy and automatic... Arreva offers a big advantage not only through how its platform brings everything together, but also through their incredible team!”

-Liz Sanderson,

Marketing and Development Director, KMOC

Liz and the KMOC team were even more delighted about the results for the 2023 Team KMOC peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. “The momentum and engagement only continue to build for this year’s peer-to-peer fundraiser. We doubled the number of team members participating from 9 to 27, and everything is now so much easier and streamlined.


We’re now able to seamlessly capture all the key data in our database and eliminate the redundant manual processes we were using for fundraising and donor management. We have also vastly improved our ability to automate and personalize communications to donors with ExceedFurther.”

Liz adds, “I cannot say enough wonderful things about the support team at Arreva. Relationships are everything to us, and the support team is so amazing. They are so kind and knowledgeable and have always been right there to help us, enabling our team to quickly become comfortable with the easy- to-use technology. We’re extremely well poised for even greater success in the future with this annual fundraiser and are already looking to add a second peer-to-peer fundraising initiative to the calendar, this time around Board Member fundraising, thanks to the ease in doing so with ExceedFurther.”


Liz is also very enthusiastic about how KMOC has been able to expand their reach and impact, as well as their fundraising results through online fundraising thanks to ExceedFurther. KMOC can be listened to online worldwide. With ExceedFurther online fundraising, listeners and supporters anywhere can now easily give online. In fact, we have increased our donor acquisition, including several major donors from outside our local listening area, because they can easily give online, thanks to Arreva.”


Liz is also very enthusiastic about how KMOC has been able to expand their reach and impact, as well as their fundraising results through online fundraising thanks to ExceedFurther. “KMOC can be listened to online worldwide. With ExceedFurther online fundraising we have increased our donor acquisition as listeners and supporters anywhere can now easily give online. In fact, in the last year, 20% of our total donations came from 2 major donors that don’t even live in our area but listen online and can now easily give online, thanks to the amazing solution from Arreva!”

  • Significantly increased fundraising yield with nearly 95% of donors choosing to cover processing fees when making an online donation

  • Eliminated duplication of efforts redundancies, and manual processes through streamlined digital fundraising and donor relationship management

  • Increased reach and impact nationally with online fundraising acquiring new donors outside of the local area, including 2 new major donors whose giving acccounted for 20% of total donations to KMOC last year

  • Transformed long-time annual fundraising event with peer-to-peer fundraising, tripling engagement, and exceeding fundraising goals

See How ExceedFurther Adds Value to Your Organization!


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