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Donations and Pledges

DELETE 8-3-20 Online Donation as Unique as Your Mission

  • Designation

    Donors want to know where thei rmoney is going. Let them decide by selecting from options you make available


    Look and Feel

    Create custom text within the form for instructions or thank you's, and even add pictures and videos to encourage action.



    Donation amount, designation, and the donors contact information, are all captured into a single database.

DELETE 8-3-20 Flexible Giving Donation Options

  • Recurring

    Daily, monthly, annually, and even special date-specific times allow your recurring donation campaigns to provide something for every type of campaign.



    Allow your donors to personalize their gift by designating it to a loved one in their memory or for a major achievement.


    Custom Amounts

    Included both suggested and a customizable amounts within your form to allow the donor to decide.

Manage, Track, and Analyze Gifts in One Application

  • Understanding and managing the details of your donors’ gift giving data is vital to maximizing your fundraising efforts. Exceed Beyond empowers you to save time, be more productive and get exceptional value as you track and manage your donors’ gifts, pledges, membership levels, and dues.

What Makes Arreva Different?


    Get the full picture with Exceed Beyond's Gift Manager. Not only can you see any online fundraising activity, but you can see when they respond to direct mail, when they volunteer, and more.

    Let people give the way they want to give. The Gift Manager allows users to enter a variety of donation types including tribute donations made in honor or memory of someone, matching gifts from an organization, and soft credits.

    Always keep tabs on your giving campaigns by tracking analytics, moving major gift prospects through the cultivate/solicit cycle, and making the right ask at the right time.

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