• Meet David Blyer


    David Blyer is Co-Founder, CEO, and President of Arreva, a trusted advisor and market leader to the non-profit industry for more than three decades, providing software and services including virtual fundraising, donor relationship management, and virtual auction software. 


    He founded DonorCommunity in 1999, the first All-in-One Fundraising Software for the nonprofit industry, and co-founded Arreva with Susan Packard Orr, through a merger with her company, Telosa in 2017.


    In 1994, he co-founded, and was the CEO and President of Vento Software, a provider of packaged vertical business intelligence applications that was acquired by Chicago-based SPSS in 1999. After the acquisition, David served as President of the company's Enabling Technologies Division which was acquired by IBM.


    Prior to Vento, Blyer held executive management and sales positions with Tandem, NCR and other leading technology/consulting firms. David holds an MBA in Finance from Nova Southeastern University and a BA in Business Management from the University of South Florida. He also is a member of NonProfit PRO's board of directors, serving as an Editorial Advisory Board Member. 


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