Households and Organizations

Understand Constituents In One View

  • The Complete Picture

    A donor's giving history is only part of it. Recall birthdays, family members, or specific notes about your constituents, anytime, anywhere.


    Ad Hoc Groupings

    View everything about an individual, household, or business with an ability to create custom dashboards on the fly for ad hoc combinations.


    One-Click Perspective

    Contributions, attributes, relationships, contact info, and notes. Find the information you need without leaving the page. 

Create and Manage Households for Greater Donor Insights

  • You've never had access to this amount of information about your constituents in one easy-to-understand dashboard! No other Donor Relationship Management platform lets you view your constituents from the perspective of a household. Exceed Beyond allows you to view your donors' activity as an individual and as part of a household, which gives you greater insight into the behavior and donation patterns within a family or organization. Managed effectively, your donor database can become a wealth of knowledge and bestow a bounty of contributions. Save time, be more productive, and get exceptional value as you foster stronger relationships with your donors, prospects, and other constituents using Arreva’s expertly designed donor and contact management software.

What Makes Arreva Different?

  • Complete Profiles

    Get a "big picture" look at your donors for a complete summary of the individual, household, or organization, all on one page. Plus see their activities, relationships, gifts, memberships, event attendance, volunteer engagement and more.
  • Unlimited Entries

    You can add an unlimited number of households, organizations, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, gifts, event attendance, mailings received, membership renewals, etc.
  • Create Lists

    Throughout Exceed Beyond, data is presented in lists that you can easily filter, format and sort. With one click, you can save a list for later, export it to Excel, or send an email to everyone. You can create lists for last week's gifts, your organizations newest members, or what grants are due next month, the possibilities are endless!

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