Communication Management

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Looking For Donor Relationship Management on Desktop?

Learn more about Exceed! Premier or Exceed! Basic desktop-based donor databases.

Outreach Perfectly Tailored to Each Individual

The way you communicate with your donors sets the stage for all interactions to come. Reach out to your donors via personalized letters, mass mailings, and e-mails facilitated by exports to Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, and other products. Exceed Beyond lets you save time, be more productive, and get exceptional value as you optimize communications and develop stronger relationships with your constituents.

What Makes Arreva Different?

Digital or Print Outreach

Whether you want to reach out to donors through a direct mailing or want to send out an email campaign, the robust mailing tools allow you to do both simultaneously within the program, all driven by your constituents’ preferences. Using our automatically populated mailing templates, we've made reaching out to your constituents a snap.

Personalize with Automation

Just because you're using a template shouldn't mean you can't add a personal touch to your mailings. In Exceed Beyond, you can easily prepopulate fields in the templates. Plus, you can add customized responses as you add donations, whether it's a first-time donation or a recurring donation.

Third-Party Interfaces

For email marketing, you can email right from within our program or, for large mailings, use one of several third-party services that work seamlessly with Exceed Beyond's platform, including Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Vertical Response.