Arreva® Acquires MaestroSoft®, Expanding Virtual Fundraising Capabilities with Auctions, Mobile Bidding and Text Giving

This acquisition further expands Arreva’s essential, comprehensive, and robust suite of virtual fundraising, donor engagement, virtual auction, virtual bidding, and virtual auctioneering capabilities for nonprofit organizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fort Lauderdale, FL and Palo Alto, CA (August 12, 2020) – Arreva®, the trusted advisor and thought leader in all-in-one, cloud-based, fundraising and donor relationship management software for nonprofits, today announced that it has acquired MaestroSoft®, a leading provider of auction, event management, Text2Bid® virtual and mobile bidding software, and Text2Fund® text-based mobile giving software. The acquisition is part of Arreva’s strategy to help nonprofits with what’s working now, in a rapidly changed and increasingly virtual and online fundraising landscape, through purposeful technology and relentless dedication to their success.


Known for its live and virtual auction event management software, MaestroSoft, which will continue to operate as a stand-alone Arreva Company, has conducted over 20,000 charity and nonprofit auction and gala events over the past two decades. Their comprehensive, industry-leading auction event management software solution is used by thousands of nonprofit organizations, including private and public schools, higher education, Boys & Girls Clubs, Ronald McDonald Houses, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, hospital foundations like Children’s Hospital, research organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, and numerous museums and cultural organizations. MaestroSoft will operate as an independent Arreva company, retaining the entire team in the Seattle, WA office.


“The acquisition of MaestroSoft is a perfect addition to the Arreva portfolio and underscores our commitment to help nonprofits spend less time managing technology, while elevating their fundraising results, so they can spend more time in the community furthering their cause,” said Susan Packard Orr, Co-founder and Chairman of Arreva.  “Many nonprofits have limited resources and staff, particularly in light of the impact of the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Adding proven virtual auction and mobile fundraising capabilities to our all-in-one software solution, ExceedFurther, lets nonprofits manage all types of events and fundraising activities within a unified solution. From peer-to-peer fundraising to pledges and gifts to online auctions and mobile fundraising, all campaign activity is available from the Arreva platform. All events contribute to one database, giving nonprofits actionable insights to help increase donor engagement and giving.”


Jay Fiske, Co-President and Chief Auctioneer of MaestroSoft adds, “Arreva and MaestroSoft have a shared vision when it comes to helping nonprofits. That is, to offer easy-to-use, software solutions that provide actionable data and insights, and minimize time spent on administrative tasks so they can spend more time connecting with constituents and donors to achieve their mission. For us, the heart and soul of the company was just as important as the quality of the software and Arreva invests in providing topnotch accessible support and offering best practice advice. MaestroSoft and new customers will only benefit from the integration of these two nonprofit technology companies."


The acquisition of MaestroSoft adds even more breadth and depth to Arreva’s commitment to provide nonprofits with a single-source for technology and expert advice that provide new ways to communicate, ways to thrive through virtual fundraising, and innovative ideas to elevate donor, volunteer, and supporter engagement to positively impact fundraising results now.


“As a thought leader and trusted advisor in online fundraising and donor relationship management, we’ve helped thousands of organizations transform their fundraising and yield the benefits of virtual events and mobile and online fundraising through our software,” said David Blyer Co-founder and CEO of Arreva.  “Now, more than ever, it is essential for nonprofits to have unified technology solutions that can help them deploy and manage strategies from a singular platform, especially during the age of social distancing.   Our acquisition of MaestroSoft reinforces our commitment to provide nonprofits with proven technology, which combined with expert advice, provides new ways to communicate and continue to deliver results through virtual events, peer-to-peer fundraising, text giving, and a myriad of online fundraising campaigns as we see an accelerated shift of nonprofits to virtual fundraising and events.”


Arreva's ExceedFurther, the evolutionary, all-in-one fundraising and donor relationship management solution for nonprofits, has just evolved even further.  Schedule a personal fundraising and donor relationship management consultation and demo of ExceedFurther to learn how our purpose-built software and virtual fundraising, event, and auction capabilities can help you further your cause, raise money, and cultivate and engage donors as you achieve your mission.


About Arreva 
Arreva®,is a trusted advisor and market leader of fundraising, donor relationship management, and auction software that has been serving the nonprofit industry for more than three decades. Arreva’s, ExceedFurther® All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management software is helping nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents. Our MaestroAuction OnlineTM and MaestroAuctionTM  virtual, live, and silent auction software, Text2Bid® virtual and mobile bidding software, and Text2Fund® text-based donation software are helping nonprofits raise billions of dollars and further their cause through thousands of virtual fundraising events, charity auctions and galas. 


About MaestroSoft, An Arreva Company
MaestroSoft®, an Arreva® company, is the trusted advisor and leader in virtual, online and live auction software, Text2Bid® virtual and mobile bidding software, Text2Fund® text-based donation software, as well as virtual/live auctioneering services. Conducting thousands of charity and nonprofit auctions, galas, and other events, raising more than $5 billion in the past two decades, MaestroSoft’s comprehensive, industry-leading software solutions effortlessly optimize fundraising events and elevate fundraising.


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