If you receive donations directly on your website and need to keep your online donation information aligned with your donor database, Exceed!™ Premier is the answer. You can use our Advanced Importer to build an import template that lets you import donor and gift information into Exceed! from online donation service providers. For more information about our Advanced Importer click here.

If you do not have an online donation form we can build and host one for you. When you are ready to import the data from the online form into Exceed! Premier simply use our Advanced Importer. For more information about Online Forms click here.

Save Time 
Simple import. Easily import donor and gift information from your online donation service provider directly into Exceed! Premier.
No data entry. Importing data eliminates the need for manual data entry.
Complete history. View a donor's entire giving history — both online and offline — in Exceed! Premier.

Be More Productive
Automatic updates. If the imported donor is already in your database, Exceed! Premier simply updates the record; if it's a new donor, Exceed! Premier automatically creates a new donor record.
Synchronization. Keep online donations aligned and up-to-date with your donor database.

Get Exceptional Value 
Affordable. The Online Fundraising Interface is extremely cost-effective — high quality at an affordable price — giving you considerably more return on your investment.
No hidden costs. We tell you our prices up-front, with no additional (or hidden) costs to pay.
Ongoing savings. Our support and training services are reasonably priced, providing long-term value beyond your initial purchase of Exceed! Premier.

Contact us today, compare Exceed! products or request a demo, to see how Exceed! Premier fundraising software can empower you to spend more time with your donors, and less time with your computer.


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