Volunteer Registration Backup Page


What Makes Arreva Different?


    Publish volunteer opportunities online and allow supporters to register and confirm their participation and schedules.

    Beginning-to-end volunteer registration, including scheduling for your different needs and automatically converting hours into in-kind gifts.

    Make volunteer communication incredibly simple by sending out confirmations and reminders or specific email blasts.

Move Completely Online

  • Online Registration

    Enable volunteers to sign up for as many things as possible, and have slots close automatically once full.



    Make it easy for your volunteers to manage their own preferences and requests right online. They can simply sign in and confirm or cancel any activities if things change.



    From custom branding to images to text make sure your volunteer page or event represents your organization well.

Comprehensive Volunteer Registration

  • Allocation 

    Have too many volunteers in one place, and not enough in another? Access your participant's preferences and simply slot them elsewhere.


    Integrated Surveys

    If you need to collect additional information from your volunteers, you can simply add questions to the form. Include anything from demographic requests to preferences or anything that's relevant.


    Automatic In-Kind Gifts

    Once you confirm your attendance for your volunteers, Arreva automatically converts that into a dollar value that you setup, so you can tie it back into their overall giving history.


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