The Pontifical Mission Societies Selects Arreva's ExceedFurther, All-in-One, Cloud-based, Digital Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Software

The Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston made the move to ExceedFurther, Arreva’s all-in-one, completely integrated and automated, digital fundraising and donor relationship management software, along with a powerful, new donor-centric website to streamline their processes and digitally transform their fundraising and donor relationship management to create and elevate awareness, attract new donors, retain and cultivate existing donors, and raise more money to achieve their mission.

Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston

Fort Lauderdale, FL and Palo Alto, CA (February 8th, 2022) Arreva®, the trusted advisor and industry leader of digital fundraising, donor relationship management, healthcare hospitality, and digital auction software, announced that The Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston selected Arreva’s ExceedFurther® as their strategic, fully integrated, and automated software platform for all-in-one, digital fundraising, donor relationship management peer-to-peer fundraising, and website content (with a powerful new donor-centric website at


The Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston is a part of a world-wide network, headquartered at the Vatican. Their work is to reach the faithful of all ages and encourage them to offer their prayerful and material support to missionaries in over 1,100 mission territories spread across Asia, Africa, remote parts of Latin and South America, and the Pacific Islands. There are four different societies under the umbrella of the organization, each reaching a different audience and fundraising for a different mission need.


The Pontifical Mission Societies now have the capabilities to serve each Society most effectively within one platform, optimizing overall engagement with their multi-tiered communities who may now support missionaries in a more customized way. Arreva’s software enabled the Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston to have any donor easily and immediately select the Mission Society they wanted to donate to, providing donors with an automatic acknowledgement, receipt, and custom thank you, while simultaneously sending a notification automatically to the staff so that they can immediately engage in best practices for donor retention.


Maureen Crowley Heil, Director of Programs and Development at The Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston says their decision to select Arreva’s ExceedFurther was based on a thorough vetting and evaluation process that yielded Arreva as the frontrunner, not only from a nonprofit technology standpoint, but also based on their understanding of and experience with the faith-based community.


“We were thoroughly impressed by Arreva’s broad and deep understanding of the faith-based community, and the great work they have done for other faith-based organizations. It was immediately evident that ExceedFurther, [Arreva’s All-in-One Software Platform] was indeed born from a genuine understanding of the needs of nonprofit organizations. All of this combined made Arreva and ExceedFurther the clear choice in a crowded field of software providers,” says Heil.


According to Heil, “We have been able to reimagine and transform the way we are presenting our story digitally in order to bring the stories of the missions to life for the faithful. This allows us to raise much needed support for our mission, and acquire new donors from both inside and outside our geographic locale, while engaging existing donors, and managing our donor relationships with ExceedFurther. Arreva’s unique all-in-one, fully integrated approach to digital fundraising and donor relationship management software means that everything works together to deliver best practice capabilities. We now utilize unlimited fully optimized donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, tribute gifts, website content management, and more, all completely integrated with a single, unified donor relationship management database.”


David Blyer, Arreva CEO and Co-Founder adds, “We are so grateful that The Pontifical Mission Society of Boston selected Arreva’s ExceedFurther, after an extensive vetting process, because of the significant value provided by the industry’s only true all-in-one solution. We are keenly aware of how challenging these times are for so many faith-based, and other organizations, we are honored that The Pontifical Mission Societies of Boston recognized the value of working with Arreva, as their trusted advisor, to help them transform their fundraising and donor relationship management to ensure their organization thrives with the best practices enabled through a truly, fully integrated, holistic approach to their efforts and initiatives.”


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