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Get a 360* understanding of your donors using our unique households approach, specifically designed for non-profit organizations.
Easily manage your guest stays, room availability and more using our industry-leading hospitality management applications.
Easily manage your annual, capital and other fundraising campaigns using our highly-customizable campaign management application.
Easily expand your donor universe and level-up your fundraising campaigns by adding peer-to-peer online fundraising.
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Arreva’s All-in-One, Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management Solution has enabled thousands of nonprofits to raise billions of dollars over the past few years.

Whatever challenge you are trying to solve, our software can help enable you to make changing the world all you have to focus on.

Let us worry about the software so you can focus on achieving your mission.



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When you’re running a fundraising program for a nonprofit organization, every dollar counts.


Ideally, your donor relationship management and online fundraising software will make sure that raising the money you need to achieve your organization’s mission is simpler. It should give you a full 360-degree view of your relationship to your donors and their relationships with each other. It should make tasks like processing your end of year receipts, changing pledge dates, and sharing institutional knowledge about donors with your team a lot easier. It should make things like pulling reports that offer you trustworthy and actionable information simple. It should make it easy to create unlimited donation pages and launching peer to peer fundraising campaigns simple and it should allow you actionable information to help you expand your online giving programs exponentially.  


Your donor relationship management software and online fundraising software should be fully-integrated from the start.

If it doesn’t do all of those things, we should talk.

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