Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center

“There’s a real logic to it. It’s more intuitive to me. I’m someone who really likes databases – I like thinking about how they work. But you don’t have to like databases to use Exceed Beyond.”

Esther Landau
Development Director


The Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center (PRRC) has a mission to create recreational, vocational, and educational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. After-school activities, adult day programs, vocational employment, and a heated therapeutic pool are just a few of the many services provided to PRRC’s clientele. To track and report on all its donor activity, PRCC uses Exceed Beyond, Arreva Software’s cloud-based fundraising management solution. Exceed Beyond provides access to donor management data from anywhere, anytime, requiring only a web browser and an Internet connection.


According to PRRC’s Development Director, Esther Landau, “We use Exceed Beyond every single day, multiple times a day. It’s in constant use.”


Prior to implementing Exceed Beyond, PRRC was using the desktop-based Exceed Premier solution. Arreva assisted with the product upgrade and data migration, which, says Esther, “went seamlessly. We did some data clean up before the conversion, so we were well prepared. Arreva led us through the process very well, and we got a chance to review the data carefully before it was final.”


Now, Exceed Beyond plays a key role in PRRC’s daily operations. As Esther explains, “Everyday, donations come in through the mail or online. We enter the gifts into the system, and Exceed Beyond automatically generates the thank you letters. If it’s a day that I have a meeting with the Board, or a general staff meeting, or my weekly one-on-one with our CEO, I can generate gift transaction reports, donor retention reports, and reports that show how we are doing this year versus last year in any of the different categories we are tracking. I really like how it’s set up.”


“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have the cloud version,” she adds. “It’s a vast improvement in efficiency. I can access it from anywhere. Working from home is so much easier without having to use my horribly slow remote connection to the office just to look something up. And if I’m out and about meeting with a donor, I can quickly look up their record. It’s awesome.”


When comparing Exceed Beyond to Exceed Premier, Esther says, “There’s a real logic to it. It’s more intuitive to me. I’m someone who really likes databases – I like thinking about how they work. But you don’t have to like databases to use Exceed Beyond.”


“There are a lot of things I like about Exceed Beyond,” she continues. “The automated reports are a great feature. I like the search function, which lets me search for John L. Smith or John P. Smith without having to scroll through all the John Smiths in the database [which contains 7,000 records]. Having multiple tabs open is fantastic. I also like the ability to keep tinkering with filters when generating a report instead of having to start over if I realize I left something out after exporting the data. The whole filtering thing is really fun because I can play around with the data and see what happens using different filters.”


Much of what Esther does with the product she learned from Arreva’s training staff. “I like how they quickly respond and then really take the time to sit with you and help you figure things out,” she remarks. Arreva’s support personnel have also taken the time to assist Esther, such as when they helped rebuild a customized report after it was lost following the conversion to Exceed Beyond.


“About a year before we switched,” she recalls, “I ordered a custom report. It did exactly what I needed it to do. Instead of taking me an hour and a half, it took me 20 seconds. When we moved to the cloud, I lost that report, and Arreva worked really hard to create something similar for me. They are really responsive. If I mention something like not being able to export certain data into CSV, I’ll get a phone call two days later telling me it’s available.”


Esther says she is particularly interested in the ability to offer online event registration and volunteer registration. Currently, she explains, “We are using another product for online event registration, but it’s inelegant and not very sophisticated. I like the idea of consolidating these things rather than cobbling together various products – that’s appealing to me. I’m quite interested in that add on.”


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