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Online Fundraising

Transform the way you fundraise. All the online fundraising
applications you need, completely integrated and
automated with a single database

What Will Arreva Do For You?


    With Arreva, your event and volunteer registrations collect in the same place as your donation histories, conversations, and emails to make things simpler. No more wasting time managing information from five different databases.

    With Arreva you can send a mass emal to event attendees, thank racent donors for a campaign donation, empower participants for personal fundraisers, update your web content, and much more in one place witha single login.

    An integrated approach lets you build on your success each year, targeting past donors while attracting new ones. Increase sponsorship levels, fundraising goals, and sign up more volunteers the longer you use the software. 

All-In-One To Simplify Your Work

  • Know what's going on.

    Quickly identify lapsed donors, generate event registration reports, or launch an email campaign to your constituents with one source of intel.


    See only what matters most.

    Span all of your contributions or narrow down by dates, attributes, and more without generating any compex queries.


    Take your business anywhere.

    In the cloud. On the go. Whether you're about to meet a donor, working at the office, or at home you can access your information when you need it.

This is how organizations cook up success. Arreva helps Cultural Tourism DC deliver their most successful Chef's Challenge ever.

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Online Fundraising


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