Membership Backup


Generate Continuous Revenue Through Memberships

  • Understanding and managing the details of your membership programs is vital to maximizing your fundraising efforts. Exceed Beyond allows you to track membership dates, renewal dates and history of dates renewed, in addition to managing dues payments and membership levels. You save time, are more productive and get exceptional value from your organization's membership programs.

What Makes Arreva Different?


    Memberships can be defined down to an individual in the household. A single membership can apply to multiple individuals and you can easily add new members through the Membership Manager. You can also customize the membership levels based on the dues amount.

    Memberships are a great way to generate a continuous source of revenue for your organization, but they also require a good deal of tracking and interaction to keep them current. With the Membership Manager, set up all your interactions as a template and let our automation do the rest.

    Since memberships can apply to either a household or an entire organization, your donors may want to print individual membership cards for each person. Printing the cards is as simple as selecting the names and clicking "print"!
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