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Partner Integrations

  • Exceed Beyond offers a plethora of fully integrated options, but if need be, we can easily interface with quite a few popular third-party software solutions including Constant Contact, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Qgiv, Wealth Engine, and Vertical Response.
  • Constant Contact

    Constant Contact works easily with the donor and contact management module to seamlessly send out emails to your constituents. You can create lists from your Exceed Beyond names and send them directly to create email lists in Constant Contact.



  • MailChimp

    Another alternative for bulk mailing your constituents in MailChimp, a popular email marketing site. Simply enter your MailChimp login and password in Exceed Beyond and let our software do the rest of the work to prepare your email.
  • QuickBooks

    Accurate accounting is important for any business, but it's exceptionally important that you properly track your funding within nonprofits. Our QuickBooks interface allows you to post the following transactions from Exceed Beyond directly into your QuickBooks software: gifts, dues, sales, pledges, pledge payments, guest payments, grants, and grant payments.
  • WealthEngine

    Send your list of constituents to WealthEngine for prospect research analysis. Import the resulting parameters back into Exceed Beyond. The details can be viewed right in each constituent profile in Exceed Beyond. More importantly, the parameters are available in filters for reporting, communicating, and assigning prospects to campaign levels.
  • Vertical Response

    If you have been using Vertical Response as your email provider, you can see all of your email lists from the Exceed Beyond interface. You can use the responses to your email campaigns to update mailing tags and Do Not Mail markers in Exceed Beyond. You can also create new Vertical Response lists from your Exceed Beyond email lists.

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