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Ronald McDonald House Charities

  • Since 1974, the Ronald McDonald House Charities’ network of chapters has been providing millions of families with sick children comfort and support where they’ve needed it the most. And since 1986 we’ve been there with them; supporting their operations, fundraising and family room logistics with our software.


    Arreva’s software has helped (#) Ronald McDonald Houses achieve their mission of keeping families together and near the care, they need by: 


  • Manage their Hospitality Program

Manage their Hospitality Program

  • Countless Ronald McDonald Houses have made use of our Hospitality management application to keep thorough guest records—including the length of stay, arrival and departure dates, billing information, and other pertinent data. Our Guest Management application empowers chapter staff and volunteers to save time, be more productive, and get exceptional value while enabling them to focus on their mission.

    Arreva’s guest management application, with fully integrated Online Guest Stay Request/Referral makes receiving referrals as easy as checking email and automatically capturing the information in the database. A staff member at “When social workers refer a family to us, we get an alert that contains all the information we need about the guests. It saves a lot of time.”

  • Register Family Room Guests

Register Family Room Guests

  • Arreva’s Family Room Application was built based on feedback we received directly from Ronald McDonald Houses around the world. The application allows guests to seamlessly check into a family room in the hospital while allowing Ronald McDonald House staff and volunteers the ability to track visits, visitors and the services they’ve utilized. 

  • Save Time With Automated Donor Acknowledgements

Save Time With Automated Donor Acknowledgements

  • Save Time With Automated Donor Acknowledgements
    With Arreva’s fully integrated Online Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management software, it’s much simpler for donors to make pledges and donations, donate in-kind goods and services, all of which are tracked for easy access and reporting, saving RMHC South Florida staff time. And when you rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers as RMHC South Florida does, communicating gratitude for their time and gifts can be one of the most important daily tasks—and one of the most time-consuming. But the Exceed Beyond communications module automatically generates acknowledgments and custom “thank you” letters.


    “We need to be able to thank the people that make the Ronald McDonald House Charities possible, whether it’s by monetary donations, volunteering time, or providing an in-kind product. Previously, our thank you letters were done manually in Word. This saves us so much time.”

  • See what Soraya Rivera-Moya, Executive Director of RMHC South Florida had to say about how Arreva’s fully-integrated online fundraising and donor relationship management software helped their organization:  



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