Exceed Basic Pricing

  • Priced at only $795, Exceed!™ Basic is a fundraising software solution you simply can't afford to miss. Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use Exceed! Basic is loaded with features you might expect from other fundraising software costing much more. With a bounty of features for only $795, Exceed! Basic is an exceptional value.

    For even more value, take a look at the discounts we offer on support and training packages for Exceed! Basic.


    Exceed! Basic


    Software License (Single-user license)
    Includes 30-days of Standard Support & money-back guarantee $795 

    License & 12 Months Standard Support (Save $50!) $994 

    License & 12 Months Standard Support & Annual Training Pass (Save $100!) $1,293 

    License & 12 Months Premium Support (Save $100!) $1,144 

    License & 12 Months Premium Support & Annual Training Pass (Save $150!) $1,443 



    Multi-user Upgrade* (1 additional concurrent license, up to five total) $150 

    Premium Support Contract (12 months) Phone/Email/Web Support $449 

    Annual Training Pass $349 

    Standard Support Contract (12 months) Email/Web Support $249 

    * Multi-user upgrades are required to have more than one user access Exceed! Basic at the same time. For example, purchasing one additional multi-user upgrade will allow up to 2 users to access Exceed! Basic at the same time.

    Standard Support = Email/Web support, including software upgrades
    Premium Support = Phone/Email/Web support, including software upgrades

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