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DELETE 8-3-20 Make Your Event Stand Out

  • Microsites

    Create professional-looking custom event pages in just seconds.


    Major Events

    Promote online registration, sponsorships and much more.



    Fully-customizable confirmations, receipts, or thank you emails sent automatically.

This is how organizations cook up success. Arreva helps Cultural Tourism DC deliver their most successful Chef's Challenge ever.

DELETE 8-3-20 Point and Click Simplicity

  • Quick Setup

    Creating events couldn't be easier. Setup a registration page for any type of event in just seconds, or create multiple pages under the same event for bigger things like conferences.


    Attendee Lists

    Attendee lists at your fingertips, whether as a full report, or even include details of guest registrants, registration type, and more.



    Our goal is to make your registration easier, and save you time. ALlow donors to update their guests lists or add to their team right through your site.

Manage Multiple Aspects of Your Event From One Window

  • Understanding and managing the details are vital to the success of your fundraising events. Exceed Beyond allows you to track and manage RSVP status, assign event participants to groups and tables, generate event registration sheets, as well as create event-specific reports. You save time, are more productive and get exceptional value as you track and manage your organization's fundraising events.

What Makes Arreva Different?


    Every event is different, meaning the requirements for guests will be different as well. This tool lets you define user fields however you see fit, whether it's shoe size for a golf tournament or food preference for a dinner.

    If you have annual, quarterly, or monthly events, you can easily copy an existing event set up for the upcoming event rather than starting from scratch each time you host the event.

    From the time you send the invitation to well after all your guests have left the event, Exceed Beyond lets you follow your attendees' progress. Manage RSVPs, assign tables, record attendance, and track donations.

DELETE 8-3-20 Features

  • Donor Management

    Identify Your best donors and prospects alongside thier complete histories in a single view

  • Runs & Walks

    Allow your rigistrants to join or create their own team, and even take them directly to setup a fundraiser for seamless event signup.
  • Self-Service

    Quickly issue refunds when you have to. Allow registrants to manage their own registrations by confirming attendance or adding their guest information.
  • Autresponders

    Your registrations automatically receive a personalized, customized confirmation email with important details. You can also choose to send automatic reminders at any interval before your event.
  • Special Info

    Enable each person to select their t-shirt size, meal choice, or location preference with an additional info question built into your form.
  • Integration

    Event information goes directly into your CRM, so you can eliminate wasted time on manually entering data. 

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