Arreva for Development

It doesn't make sense to manage donor relationships in one place and track campaigns and event performance in another. Arreva brings all the fundraising metrics you care about into a single dashboard so you can see everything in context—from the top of the funnel to bottom-line revenue. Here's how it's done:

Connect to the donor data you need.

Segment and analyze your data with ease.

See each donor's complete history in a single dashboard.

Understand Your Donors

Arreva CRM adapts to your process, not the other way around. Your team will get started quickly and stay focused on selling, not learning a new tool.

Say goodbye to the days of logging emails and calls. Arreva CRM works in the background with the tools you already use. It's there when you need it, and out of the way when you don't.

Arreva CRM is connected to the dozens of places where the modern sales process takes place - on your website, in email, on phone calls, across social media, and more.

Arreva's software helps development staff to manage complex constituent relationships with ease inside of a single database.

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