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Holy Names High School

  • Holy Names High School is an all-girls catholic school that has been serving the Oakland community since 1868, where they have been working to develop strong, diverse, well-educated women. Many of the young women who come from the Oakland area have incredible potential to rise to this call, and Holy Names High School supports them to overcome barriers that would otherwise prevent them from excelling personally and academically. In order to gain access to a top tier education despite their ability to pay, just over 70% of the students that Holy Names High School serves require financial assistance which is why we’re so happy we’ve been able to work with them to:



  • Manage their Hospitality Program

Take their Moves Management Program further

  • Every Non-Profit organization out there is faced with the same challenge, how do they take their donors from one level to the next. That’s where Arreva’s Donor Relationship Management software has helped.


  • Manage their Hospitality Program

Manage their Grants

  • Arreva’s Grants Management application has helped countless organizations like Holy Names High School accurately record, track and report on the grants that have been disbursed to them, taking the time, effort and energy of tracking these things in disparate spreadsheets and consolidating this information in one, cloud-based tool.


  • Manage their Hospitality Program

Take their Events further

  • Using Arreva’s Event Management application takes the guess-work out of a fundraising event. From event ticketing to table seat assignments, anything you need to manage your events can be found in our Events Manager.


  • See what THIS PERSON had to say about how Arreva’s fully-integrated online fundraising and donor relationship management software helped their organization:  

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