Conversion Guidelines for Sending Data

Preparing and Sending your Data for Quotes and Conversions

Arreva Software has over 25 years of experience converting client databases.  We realize this is one of the most critical steps in ensuring a smooth transition from one program to another.  In addition, we have learned that by spending a little more time up-front reviewing and, where necessary, cleaning up your data, we can greatly increase your level of satisfaction with the end result. 

At no additional cost to you, our development staff will analyze your existing data and provide a personalized quote a firm price to convert.   But before that can happen, you will need to send us your data.   That’s where these guidelines come in.   Please take a few moments to carefully read through this document before sending us your data.

NOTE: Arreva Software ensures that your organization's data files will only be used for the purpose of calculating a conversion quote and, if requested by you, converting your data to Exceed!.  None of the information contained in your organization's data files will be disclosed to any third party unless prior written consent is given by your organization.

Preparing your Data

In order for Arreva to provide you with a quote, we need to receive a complete copy of the data files you want converted in their entirety.  Please note that you send us only the data and/or files that you want converted.  Please do not send any data and/or files that you do not want quoted and/or converted.  We prefer files in the following formats and have listed them below in order of preference:

Type  Extension

Database file .dbf

ASCII .txt

Excel .xls or .csv

Filemaker Pro .fp3, .fp4, .fp5, fp6

Access .mdb

Most databases allow for exporting of data into one of these formats.  If your database does not export data in any of the above listed formats, you may be able to export the data into some other format, then open your data within Excel and then save it in one of the above listed formats.

If you are sending us data files from Access and Filemaker Pro, we will need to know what version of the program you are in and what, if any, passwords you may have established to gain access to the data.

If you use one the existing Fundraising Software packages listed below, we can accept the following, but we will need to know what version of the program you are in:


Start Act and open your database. Go to the File menu and choose backup. The window prompts you for a location to save your backup. Type a path and file name, like c:\ Click the start button. Send the zip file that gets created.


Send the entire Donorperfect folder, usually labeled “DPW”.


Send all files that end with .dbf, .fpt, .idx, and .cdx.


Send the entire Fundmaster program folder, usually labeled “FM”.

Fundraiser Basic/Select/Professional

Send the entire FundRaiser program folder, for example the "c:\FRBW” directory.

GiftMaker Pro

Either export the data, or send the entire GiftMaker Pro folder.


Either export the data, or send the entire Paradigm folder and a copy of the original install CD and latest upgrade.

Raiser's Edge

For versions of Raiser's Edge prior to RE7, please send the file labeled RE.db.
For version 7, we need RE7.db, RE_GIFT.db RE_BIO.db, RE_INDEX.db and RE_TEMP.db.
Please make sure that everyone is out of RE before attempting to make a copy of the above files.

If the data is to be in any other form then those listed above, please notify your Sales representative or you can contact the Conversions Department at

Sending your Data via the Internet

The quickest way to get your data to us is via email or via our File Exchange site at Leapfile. See the bottom of the page for further instructions.


After exporting and, if necessary, compressing your data, attach the file(s) to an e-mail and send to

Arreva File Exchange Site
After exporting and, if necessary, compressing your data, follow the instructions in Appendix A on how to access and transfer your data via our File Exchange site at Leapfile.

Sending your Data on some Removable Media

It may be necessary for you to send us your data on some form of removable media.  We accept the following removable media, regardless of platform (PC or MAC). 

Iomega Zip 100
Iomega Zip 250
Floppy disk

Before sending your data, check the media to make sure that the files are indeed on it and that they are the correct files.  Also, don’t forget to label the media with your name, the name of your organization and a phone number or e-mail address where we can reach you.

Please send your data to:

Arreva Software, Inc
Attn: Conversions
610 Cowper St.
Palo Alto, CA 94301

If you any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the Conversions Coordinator at or 1-800-750-6418 ext. 205.

Appendix A

Uploading to the LeapFile site

Go to the following link:*
Click on "Secure Upload"
Fill in the fields on the "Secure Upload" page (Name, Email, Confirm Email, Subject and Message)
At the bottom of the page is a button - "Select Files to Send (Regular Upload)" - click on it
On the next page, click the Browse button and select the file to upload
Then at the bottom of this page, click Upload and Send
Email me at and let me know when your data has been uploaded successfully

*Note: Should you click on the link and nothing happens or it brings up your browser, but does not take you to the page, try copying the link into the Address field of your browser and then hitting your Enter or Return key on your keyboard.